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AB's and the Rugby World Cup

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Post Mortem

Firstly, good luck to the many Poms and any South Africans that read this site

I hear them on Radio Sport, asking what you will be watching to see of All Black rugby

My answer to that, is that I will be waiting to see if NZ grassroots rugby can produce the next raft of once in a generation players over the next 4 years.  It has always been said, that you need 4-5 world class players in a team to win the RWC, we had 1-2.

Too many inexperienced players with potential, in the second most high pressure game that happens every 4 years.  And that pressure showed them up.  No Carter, Nonu, Bunce or Conrad Smith to steady the line.  No class wingers who had been there done that(there was one, but he was not there, Ben Smith).  No McCaw, Kaino, Fitzpatrick, Michael Jones etc to think on their feet, when you have a fired up English team coming at you at a million miles an hour.

The NRL seems capable of doing it, can NZ rugby, which according to many is on the wane, as far as numbers go.

Cam Smith, Inglis, Slater and Thurston retire, and are replaced by the likes of Tedesco etc 


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I am far from being an authority on rugby but I always felt that as soon as the game went fully professional it was the beginning of the demise of NZ dominance.

Actually surprised it has taken so long.

Just look at the current English team, 4 or 5 of Pacific Island heritage?

Where would they have been playing a few years ago?

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Agree, look at the 1987 WC AB squad.

This current team is not even close to it in terms of quality

Player Position Date of birth (age) Caps Club/province
Sean Fitzpatrick Hooker 4 June 1963 (aged 23) 4 New Zealand Auckland
John Drake Prop 22 January 1959 (aged 28) 2 New Zealand Auckland
Richard Loe Prop 6 April 1960 (aged 27) 0 New Zealand Waikato
Steve McDowall Prop 21 August 1961 (aged 25) 6 New Zealand Auckland
Murray Pierce Lock 1 November 1957 (aged 29) 8 New Zealand Wellington
Gary Whetton Lock 15 December 1959 (aged 27) 22 New Zealand Auckland
Albert Anderson Lock 5 February 1961 (aged 26) 5 New Zealand Canterbury
Alan Whetton Flanker 15 December 1959 (aged 27) 5 New Zealand Auckland
Andy Earl Flanker 12 September 1961 (aged 25) 3 New Zealand Canterbury
Michael Jones Flanker 8 April 1965 (aged 22) 1 New Zealand Auckland
Mark Brooke-Cowden Flanker 12 June 1963 (aged 23) 2 New Zealand Auckland
Wayne Shelford Number 8 13 December 1957 (aged 29) 2 New Zealand North Harbour
Zinzan Brooke Number 8 14 February 1965 (aged 22) 0 New Zealand Auckland
David Kirk (c) Half-back 5 October 1960 (aged 26) 10 New Zealand Auckland
Bruce Deans Half-back 25 November 1960 (aged 26) 0 New Zealand Canterbury
Grant Fox First five-eighth 6 June 1962 (aged 24) 1 New Zealand Auckland
Frano Botica First five-eighth 3 August 1963 (aged 23) 6 New Zealand North Harbour
Bernie McCahill Centre 28 June 1964 (aged 22) 0 New Zealand Auckland
Joe Stanley Centre 13 April 1957 (aged 30) 6 New Zealand Auckland
Warwick Taylor Centre 11 March 1960 (aged 27) 16 New Zealand Canterbury
Craig Green Wing 23 March 1961 (aged 26) 14 New Zealand Canterbury
John Kirwan Wing 16 December 1964 (aged 22) 13 New Zealand Auckland
Terry Wright Wing 21 March 1963 (aged 24) 2 New Zealand Auckland
John Gallagher Fullback 29 January 1964 (aged 23) 0 New Zealand Wellington
Kieran Crowley Fullback 31 August 1961 (aged 25) 8 New Zealand Taranaki

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As an aside, how much money did the TAB make, through the AB's not winning the RWC

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22 minutes ago, Hesi said:

As an aside, how much money did the TAB make, through the AB's not winning the RWC

not as much as they did by the ABs not even making the final 

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Didn't the All Blacks look great against Wales.

News alert fellows,you were crap last week and you paid the price.No game you play from now to the end of time will ever change the result.

U were rubbish last week and the result indicates that.

U failed in your quest but don't worry u will stil; get your inflated wages.

Now go and get a real job.

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