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National Championships Summer Super Comp - Round 7 (FINAL) - Sat March 6


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ROUND 7 - Saturday Mar 6

CLOSING TIME FOR SELECTIONS: 4.20pm Saturday (NZ time)

Okay - Needs must ! The races have a back-to-front look this week with the Oz races following hard on the heels of the fillies race at Otago and then the wait for the conclusion at Ellerslie on Sunday (if it happens). If Ellerslie is abandoned and not re-scheduled for the next 5 days then the comp will conclude at Riccarton on Thursday (heaven help us !).

IMPORTANT: Selections for ALL races (including Ellerslie on Sunday) must be submitted before Saturday's closing time. If you have scratchings among your Ellerslie selections (comp races 7-10) then you may submit replacements before 2.00pm NZ time on Sunday.


Races are:


1. Wingatui R9 - 4.35pm - NZB Insurance Stks (LR) - $50k, 1400m, 3yo fillies SWs

2. Randwick R5 - 5.05pm - Hyland Race Colours Challenge Stks (Gr2) - $500k, 1000m, WFA

3. Flemington R6 - 5.25pm - Seppelt Wines Newmarket Hdcp (Gr1) - $1.25m, 1200m, hdcp

4. Randwick R7 - 6.25pm - Mostyn Copper Randwick Guineas (Gr1) - $1m, 1600m, 3yos SWs

5. Flemington R8 - 6.45pm - TAB Australian Cup (Gr1) - $1.5m, 2000m, WFA

6. Randwick R8 - 7.05pm - Heineken Canterbury Stks (Gr1) - $500k, 1300m, WFA


7. Ellerslie R5 - 2.35pm - Fasttrack Mufhasa Stks (LR) - $67k, 1300m, 3yos SW+Ps

8. Ellerslie R7 - 3.45pm - Haunui Farm King's Plate (Gr3) - $100k, 1200m, open SW+Ps

9. Ellerslie R8 - 4.22pm - McKee Family Sunline Vase (Gr3) - $70k, 2100m, 3yo fillies SWs

10. Ellerslie R9 - 5.04pm - Vodafone NZ Derby (Gr1) - $1m, 2400m, 3yos SWs


Interesting that the only team who cannot win the comp - The Chiefs - are the very outfit who hold the key to any of the other sides' chances, if they can down the Kauri Kats ! Also NO 2yo Races !!


BLUES* (4th) vs STEELERS (3rd)

Pete (2/4-1448.80/872.40) v Von Smallhausen (4/2-1238.40/1124.60)

Gordy (4/2-1413.00/827.60) v Rees (4/2-1628.40/837.60)

Howie (5/1-1713.20/1676.60) v Richie (2/4-1235.40/1617.60)

Roland (3/3-680.20/842.40) v Craig (2/4-1117.60/1443.40)

Geoff (3/3-1225.80/1137.00) v Baby (3/3-1350.00/1325.00)


KAURI KATS (1st) vs CHIEFS (7th)

Graeme (4/2-1211.80/875.40) v Ian (3/3-1115.40/1298.80)

Pam (4/2-1263.80/1304.40) v Jack (3/3-1146.80/1463.40)

Sharne (2/4-1111.80/1437.60) v Gee (4/2-1260.00/1199.20)

Max (4/2-1511.40/1312.20) v Stevie N (2/4-783.00/1349.00)

Jen (2/4-1873.00/991.00) v Punter Pete (4/2-1369.60/967.60)


HURRICANES (2nd) vs TURBOS* (6th)

Porky (3/3-1407.20/1289.20) v Blind Squirrel (2/4-1456.20/1443.40)

Virgil (3/3-1738.40/1050.80) v Ray (3/3-1585.00/1354.20)

Hesi (4/2-1144.00/1271.40) v Steve P (2/4-1102.40/1054.20)

John (4/2-1498.40/944.20) v Ziggy (4/2-1291.40/722.80)

The Crucible (2/4-1256.40/1616.20) v Gary (4/2-1083.00/1276.00)



FERDIES (5th) vs CRUSADERS* (8th)

Maurice (3/3-1483.40/1187.40) v Robert (4/2-1453.60/2386.40)

PJ (2/4-1219.60/1551.80) v Rex (3/3-992.60/1476.80)

Maria (3/3-1066.80/1708.20) v Wrinkles (1/5-708.00/1417.40)

Zac (2/4-804.80/1103.40) v Tom (3/3-1687.00/990.00)

Heather (4/2-1117.20/1287.60) v Rob (0/6-669.40/1310.20)



1873.00 Jen (Kauri Kats)

1738.40 Virgil (Hurricanes)

1713.20 Howie (Blues)

1687.00 Tom (Crusaders)

1628.40 Rees (Steelers)

1585.00 Ray (Turbos)

1511.40 Max (Kauri Kats)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Graeme (4/2-875.40) (Kauri Kats)

Pete (2/4-872.40) (Blues)

Roland (3/3-842.40) (Blues)

Rees (4/2-837.60) (Steelers)

Gordy (4/2-827.70) (Blues)

Ziggy (4/2-722.80) (Turbos)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

The Crucible (2/4-1616.20) (Hurricanes)

Howie (5/1-1676.60) (Blues)

Richie (2/4-1617.60) (Steelers)

Maria (3/3-1708.20) (Ferdies)

Robert (4/2-2386.40) (Crusaders)



1st 16 point KAURI KATS* $7181.80

2nd 11 points HURRICANES* $7054.40

3rd 11 points STEELERS* $6569.80

4th 11 points BLUES $6394.40

5th 11 points FERDIES* $5691.80 

6th 9 points TURBOS $6496.00

7th 8 points CHIEFS* $5674.40

8th 6 points CRUSADERS $5508.60

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Some pointers for the weekend-

1.  It's patently ridiculous that 60% of the Blues team make up half the "Serendipitous Six". Someone needs to give them a thumping...

2. Three Jokers left to be played but no double Joker clashes

3. Captain Howie is the only player to have won more than 4 of his 6 head-to-heads and also the only player to feature in both the Magnificent Seven and The Unfortunate Five

4. There is evidence that the catch-cry "we can dooz it" is rather unlucky - just ask Rob

5. Expect some team members from the Steelers & Ferdies to go rough with their picks as the 5-0 result they need to have any show also needs to have a BIG aggregate to catch the Kats

6. It's possible the Final Round could be split across two days. All selections will still have to be submitted on the Saturday. Time to get your weather apps out ??


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