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Almost there

I have 30 questions prepared out of 50, 25 racing, 25 music.  The racing questions are proving difficult

I was just going to open up the thread and allow a free for all, but maybe not such a good idea, as a few keen ones might dominate

So, am planning to do it the following way.

When I post all the questions

1.  Those interested can PM me their answers, over a 2 week period, using the same PM to add to.  You can only submit 1 answer per question(except where the question asks for multiple answers), but can change your answer(s).

2.  After 2 weeks, I will close it off and post a table of points, with correct answers for the questions answered correctly.  You don't have to be the first to get a correct answer, just the correct answer.

3.  Then I will throw it open to a free for all for a week, with the questions that have not been answered correctly by anyone.  So we get a bit of banter etc etc.  First person to answer each question correctly, then gets the points

4.  After 1 week, will feed out a few clues to try and finish it off

There will be a prize, to be announced, for the person leading after the first part, and a separate prize for the person with the most points for just the questions in the free for all

Any thoughts?


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