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The Race Place

Forbury Park 8th July2021

Double R

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A throw at the stumps from square leg... 

Race 8 - #4 Von Art, $11ff & $3.10ff good each way $ and should give a sight. 

Race 9 - #6 Sunnivue Phileah, tote. Super consistent, bringing Addington form south and John Morrison looking for another win to add to his tally. 

Race 10 - #11 Ah Mach, $15ff & $4ff Seems over the odds, and drawn outside of the second row, so up to N Williamson to weave some magic, but this mare has shown some promise to date. 

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Loved hearing Kevin Payne call a couple of races tonight. 

Been away from the com box for 11 years, but listening to him, one wouldn't have guessed it. 

There were no horses running "under" others, no bikes, no bloody "sitting in the chair", it was refreshing, in an old school kind of way. Heck, Trackside even broadcast the Judge's call after Kevvie said on air, "here's the Judge"!

Great stuff, I will tune again next time for Forbury Park trots.

But seriously, does anyone know if Kevin still has his mo? 

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32 minutes ago, Rusty said:

But seriously, does anyone know if Kevin still has his mo? 

Just been reliably informed that, yes he does. Not the fullish, fat slug so much, more of a chopper/Merv Hughes version these days. 

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17 hours ago, Globederby19 said:

Only one 

R10  Olive Cook. Good money at $6.50ff, quick off the barrier and consistently in the groove at the moment.

geez, Rees ...Max had pinned his Thurs nite hopes on you and Olive the Cook - not to mention a big heap of shekelbaums from Mrs W's Bag of All Things (hoping to surprise her with a BIG result)..

..ad I wake this morn to find ..just another 4th ..that's about 10 of 'em this week!

Can someone please try to make amends for Max today - before divorce proceedings proceed. Max has one (only) Bonus Bet to 'invest' ...


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