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Sports Entertainment Network, for the uninitiated

Was out driving around most of Sat avo, they devoted the whole afternoon to the NZ races, commentaries, plenty of banter and lead up discussion, Mark Claydon heading it up.  Thought it was fine.  Sun, they crossed maybe a minute or 2 before to each race at Oamaru.

Clearly they don't have the rights yet to Aus races.

I wonder what impact the effect of live radio has on turnover

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Out and about driving around yesterday, so listened most of the afternoon.  All NZ races covered with plenty of pre-race discussion.

I note however, they ran a comp, for people to ring in and win a $50 bet, but only 2 entered.  What happened to all the whingers, bemoaning the loss of radio coverage

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When I got home last night no power due to the wind.

Put a couple of batteries in the Tranny and found SENZ.

They were talking NRL & AFL.........found it entertaining.

The wind last night was 79 knots at Taiaroa Head which isn't far away from me , coming home from work was challenging.

As another aside , we have a book club at work , one purchase I made was 4 Battery Lanterns .....think it was only $20.

They are a must for when power goes off.

I'd recommend to everyone.

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Don't believe it, Auckland is a shit hole, and that's coming from someone who has lived most of his life there

There was a time when you could deal with the traffic, because it was only peak time.  Now it is everywhere

People crawling over each other to make a buck

Glad I'm out of it

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