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Pattern races ... rooted as expected?


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10 August 2021                                                               




NZTR CIRCULAR 2021/22 – No. 4












NZTR seeks comment on the following proposed amendments to the Rules of Racing.  Should you wish to make any comments or provide any other feedback please do so in writing to colin.hall@nztr.co.nz. on or before Friday, 31 August 2021.



A recent review of the New Zealand Pattern races found that the proportion of pattern races exceeded the international expectations, which compromised the credibility and commercial value of New Zealand’s “black-type”.  The Pattern Review Committee (PRC) recommended that a strategy be followed to bring the number of pattern races in line with the international benchmark.  It was proposed that the strategy be implemented for the 2022/23 racing season.



In order to effect any changes to the Pattern, some races would need to be downgraded “voluntarily” as they may otherwise be meeting the required rating performance under the Asian Pattern Committee Ground Rules and the NZ Pattern Committee Operating Procedures (NZPC Rules). The Asian Pattern Committee Ground Rules currently allow the voluntary downgrade of races by a country but there will need to be an amendment to the NZPC Rules and the Rules of Racing to provide for “voluntary” downgrades to occur.  Accordingly, the PRC recommended the following changes to the Rules of Racing to permit the NZPC to make “voluntary” downgrades of races.



Words to be added are in bold and words to be deleted are struck out.



  1. A new Rule 506 (9) inserted



(9)       (a)      The list of Races referred to in sub-Rule (7)(a) will be compiled by the New Zealand Pattern Committee in accordance with the Ground Rules of the Asian Pattern Committee and together with any other decisions, exclusions, exemptions or agreements made by that committee.


             (b)      The New Zealand Pattern Committee may, in its discretion, when compiling   the list of Races referred to in sub-Rule (7)(a), ensure that the number of Races in that list is appropriate for the New Zealand Pattern, taking into account generally accepted international expectations, by  downgrading or delisting a Race  even though  the Race has met the race rating parameters and guidelines contained in the Asian Pattern Committee Ground Rules.  [If the New Zealand Pattern Committee proposes downgrading or delisting a Race under this sub-Rule, it must first consult with the relevant Club.


  1. Rules 506(9) to 506(13) renumbered as 505(10) to 506(14) respectively.
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