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The Race that stops a Continent! Melbourne Cup Day Comp - All Welcome ! - Post selections by 12.25pm Tuesday

Dancing Show

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Selection Thread! 🙂  Please post selections by 12.25pm Tuesday

Melbourne Cup Comp :  2 November 2021 : All Welcome !  :) 

It's Spring Racing and what better way to celebrate it than to have an interest in each race on one of the biggest days of the year on the Australian racing calendar, Melbourne Cup Day at beautiful Flemington :)

This is an individual comp - Your aim is to come home at the head of the field with the most dollars in your Raceplace account :)

Overview of the Rules:


1.  Post three (3) selections for each race on the card.  You can post the number and the name but I will only take note of the number.  If the number of the horse and name of the horse are different, I will go with the number.   You do not need to post your selections in what you believe will be the finishing order as the your selections will be boxed for the quinella and trifecta.

2.  Post the name of the Jockey that you think will ride the most seconds on the day.   This needs to be posted at the same time as your horse selections.

3.  You have ONE Double Up (DU) to use.  You can use a Double Up on any race.  If you use a Double Up, any dollars earned on that race will be "doubled"   🙃   The Double Up race selection needs to be noted at the same time as your horse and jockey selections.

How Dollars are earned

4a.  You will be awarded 10 times the winning dividend, 1 times the quinella dividend and 1 times the trifecta dividend, depending on how your selections finish in the race.  There is no return unless one of your selections wins.  Your selections are boxed for the quinella and trifecta.

4b.  If your Jockey rides the second placed horse, you will get a point.  If there is a deadheat for first and you have selected either of the Jockeys then you will get a point (this replaces the second placed finish), likewise if there is a deadheat for second and you have selected either Jockey, you will also get a point.   Any changes made following an enquiry will be taken into account and it will be the Jockey on the second placed horse following the enquiry change that will earn the point.   If your Jockey has the most points for second placings at the close of the day then you will have $100 added to your Raceplace account. 

4c.  If your selected Double Up race is successful you get double your return.  For example, you get 2 x your winning return and/or if you win and get the Quinella, you can earn 2 x your winning return and 2 x the return for the Quinella.  The same applied for the trifecta should you strike it with your three selections.   This Double Up does not apply to the Jockey selections.


5.  You can post selections up until 20 minutes before (12.25pm) the scheduled first race start time.

6.  NOTE:    You can post scratching replacements up until 20 minutes before (12.25pm) the first race start time.   After that time no scratching replacements are allowed and only late scratchings that occur after that cut off time will revert to the TAB sub.  If you have not replaced a scratching prior to 20 minutes pre first race cut off (prior to 12.25pm), then the original selection stands unless it falls under the late scratching rule as noted.   Please post scratching replacements on a new post on the Selection Thread - do not edit your original post, thanks 🙂 

6a.  If due to an injury or unforeseen circumstances your selected Jockey cannot complete their remaining rides on the card, your Jockey selection will be replaced with the Jockey that has picked up the ride for that particular race.  There is no Jockey replacement due to scratchings, so depending when you do your selections, select wisely.

If any races are abandoned

7a. If any races are abandoned and you have used a Double Up on that race, then the Double Up will move to the next race in the schedule.  Should the final race of the day be abandoned and that is your allocated Double Up race then the Double up will move to the previous race run on the day.

7b. If a race is abandoned then there will be no dollars/points awarded for that race and it will not be replaced by any other race.

7c. If more than half the card is abandoned then I will score the races that do take place, but the day's competition will initially be declared abandoned and I will defer to Hesi as to how he would like to proceed with the Prize funds and whether they are transferred to another day of competition ie. carrying over the completed races from Flemington and totals and continuing the comp with the number of abandoned races on the following Saturday for the big races in NZ/AUS?.   That will  put a damper on things! .. so let's hope that doesn't occur ... 👍

How you could be crowned Melbourne Cup Day selecting royalty and comp champ

8.  You will be crowned comp champ if you have the most dollars in your Raceplace account at the end of the day's racing.  If there is a draw on dollars at the end of the day, it will be a countback on winners, then quinellas, then trifectas.  Following that, Double Up winners, then Double Up quinellas and Double Up trifectas.  If still the same then it will move to the number of second placings of your jockey selection.  If after all that it is still the same... you will be declared inseparable, aww bless 🤗  , and you will share the accolades and prize money of the first and second, or even third placegetters, depending how many of you tightly knit bunch there are! :) 

9.  ... and most importantly ... Have fun :rcf-happy-7:


PRIZES :  First $100 / Second $60 / Third $40    (Muchos Gracias to Hesi! ) 


Schedule of Races at Flemington:   (3 selections per race and don't forget to also select your Jockey and one Double Up (DU) race)

Race 1:  12.45pm:  Darley Maribyrnong Plate 1000m (G3)

Race 2:  1.20pm:  The Macca's Run 2800m (Rating 96)

Race 3:  2.00pm:  Resimax Group Subzero Handicap 1400m (Rating 90)

Race 4:  2.40pm:  Furphy Plate 1800m

Race 5:  3.20pm:  Grinders Coffee Roasters Today 1400m (Rating 90)

Race 6:  3.55pm:  The Schweppervescence Plate 1000m

Race 7:  5.00pm:  LEXUS MELBOURNE CUP 3200m (G1)

Race 8:  6.00pm:  The Hong Kong Jockey Club Stakes 1400m (G3)

Race 9:  6.40pm:  TAB Trophy 1800m

Race 10:  7.15pm:  MSS Security Sprint 1200m



It would be great to see a beaut turn out for the day where a race stops a continent !!  :)  

Reminder:   You need to post your selections by 12.25pm Tuesday and once posted they are locked in, however you can replace scratched selections up until 12.25pm (on a new post 🙂 - please don't edit your original selections).


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  • Dancing Show changed the title to The Race that stops a Continent! Melbourne Cup Day Comp - All Welcome ! - Post selections by 12.25pm Tuesday
1 hour ago, Maximus said:

some very earlybirds here...not waiting to see weather/track conditions...

Yep, always a risk with Melbourne Max  🙂  Hopefully the weather forecast is accurate for the City with four seasons in one day, and they don't get any rain until Wednesday late morning! 🙂   If that's the case, the track should be turned out nicely with temps of 23 and light wind today and tomorrow, and 28 predicted for Tuesday.   Nice to see Bill Pomare on the news, and if that weather is correct then the track at least, shouldn't be a problem for Ocean Billy and he should get the good track he wants.

That also means minimal scratchings, yippee! 🙌

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32 minutes ago, Maximus said:

why do you like it?


It fits my breeding criteria

Wilbury by Capitalist out of Miss Interiors by Flying Spur. Strong female line descending from Fanfreluche. Flying Spur also descends from her so Miss Interiors 4x4 Fanfreluche. Mr Prospector 4x4 via son Fusaichi Pegasus and daughter Rolls. Mr Prospector supports the duplication of Fanfreluche lines as he is from the same haplotype. Danehill 4x3 via daughter Compulsion and son Flying Spur.

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22 minutes ago, von Smallhaussen said:

Maria - how many points do you lose for posting the Jockey BEFORE the picks?

asking for a friend 😉


Oh right.. a friend .. 😏😄    None, apart from losing brownie points with me! 🙂  as my sheet works from left to right with race selections then jockey 🙂 

We've had one already ..  but I always make allowances for him 😆



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Scratchings as at 4.00pm Monday 1/11/21 NZT:

              Melb. Cup      
Race No. Race 1: Race 2: Race 3: Race 4: Race 5: Race 6: Race 7: Race 8: Race 9: Race 10:
Race Start Time 12.45pm 1.20pm 2.00pm 2.40pm 3.20pm 3.55pm 5.00pm 6.00pm 6.40pm 7.15pm
As at 4.00pm 1/11/21  Scrs: Scrs: Scrs: Scrs: Scrs: Scrs: Scrs: Scrs: Scrs: Scrs:
  All Start 12 10 8 All Start 6 All Start All Start 1,15 1,9


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Race 1:  1 2 9   D/U

Race 2:  2 3 7 

Race 3:   2 6 7 

Race 4: 1 2 5 

Race 5: 10 12 13 

Race 6:  5 9 12 

Race 7:  1 15 16 

Race 8:  6 7 8 

Race 9: 2 8 11 

Race10:   5 7 8 

Jockey: Damian Lane 

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Race 1:  1 * 3 * 10

Race 2:  2 * 8 * 10

Race 3:  2 * 3 * 4

Race 4:  4 * 7 * 9

Race 5:  1 * 4 * 11

Race 6:  1 * 4 * 5

Race 7:  1 * 2 * 3      Double-Up (D/Up)

Race 8:  1 * 10 * 11

Race 9:  6 * 12 * 14

Race 10:  4 * 6 * 10

Jockey:  James McDonald

Many thanks, Maria ..... and good luck everyone. I hope you all enjoy an excellent Melbourne Cup Day.

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