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3 minutes ago, Hesi said:

Is that Lance from Racechat that has just joined up.  Welcome if it is

You'll note Thomass does not reside here, and never will, along with a few other undesirable reprobates

I think so. Hard to tell from the email address.

If it is Lance then welcome. Always liked him.

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Hello Race Fans. !!!

Yeah , its been a few haircuts since the old RaceChat  days......good  days but even better ones  now. How has everyone  been ?  Behaving  I  hope.

Id thought i would see what has changed in  the  racing  game.....Sadly i read the  other day the " thieves on  wheels"  have another potential doping scandal on the  hands.

And wouldnt you  know....another race day  on  "The Joseph Khutze Turf"... a.k.a. Trentham...abandoned due to an unsafe track. Thought they  had their track issues sorted out when they got rid of Biddle a few years  back. Who is in charge of track mismanagement  there now?.


Speaking of Trentham...this upcoming Cup Meeting will mark 10 years since I have been to a  gallops race meeting....Its sad, the industry just isnt appealing any  more.....this from me....a  guy who has been going to  the races since  about age  5.

I might get to  go  to the races again  one  day.....more then  likely it would be Tauherenikau  or  Foxton ( if they race there again )

And speaking  again...this time  of  Foxton....whatever happened to  that  long and lanky  poster  from  Racechat and Cafe...."Curious" I think his name was....a face only his Mum could  love. He keept trying to  ask  me out on a  date.....I told him I was straight.......his reply " So is spaghetti until it gets wet "

Alrighty, its almost time for my  beauty sleep....Hope to  contribute to this  Forum....it seems  nice...only one complaint.....I  cant  find the  toilet !  No bother tho...i will  just go in the  corner.


Nite everyone.

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Curious is here, and posts quite a bit on the Punting Perspectives threads, which is visible to members only

Same old story, the sideline snipers used to have a go, every time someone didn't pick a winner every second race.

The unwritten rule on those threads, is put up or shut up.

Lots of people here haven't been to the races for yonks also.  I'd go back to Ellerslie on Boxing Day and NYD, if they re-opened the infield and allowed picnics and a small amount of BYO

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