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Gary's Glazed Ham Recipe and More....Dig in People!

Happy Sunrise

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Here is my recipe. (just joking, of course, but Alford was found guilty)

As not promised on The Box Seat, here is Happy’s Glazed Christmas horse Recipe - aka How to Cheat with a pre-cooked horse from Woodend.

Order a hopeless horse from down south or up north (best contact is doesn’tmatterhowbaditis.com)

On Race Day, preheat syringe to 180 degrees for the safety of the horse.

Spray the horse rump with oil and put a small amount of formalin in a syringe, (just enough to cover your tracks). Inject formalin while in a float for safety.

Using tube, add bicarbonate soda with water to bring extra strength to horse.

Place Glazed horse in the float again.

While waiting for horse to cook, cover RIB hiding outside in foil to reduce heat.

Cook for approximately 1 hour

Remove horse from float and drive as bad as desired for race win

Season with garnish of bullshit for punters.

Stuffing not included. Comes naturally.

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