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Woodend Watch at Westport

Happy Sunrise

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5 hours ago, Addington said:

Mind you form reversals on the Coast are the norm rather than the exception. For many ,its just a trip away and the chance to unwind post races.

Dead right.

Just hope this scenario doesn't play out again this year: 

Stipe (to trainer/driver): can you please explain why your horse ($1.20 favourite in the betting) ran far below expectations, it appeared to have the run of the race, and the earplugs weren't even removed? 

Trainer/driver: sorry Sir, look I completely forgot Franco Joe Doe was even here to be perfectly honest. Got to the coast and sorted the motorhome in prep for the p*** up tomorrow, then nek-minit I remembered the races were on today so we, I mean, sorry Sir, no, I don't think the gelding is at all well suited to the grass, and he'll be going out for a spell now. 

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16 minutes ago, Happy Sunrise said:

How could anyone back these horses, especially Fine by Me if it gets a start?



Mate, it's pretty obvious to me.

You often provide invaluable information with expert analysis and opinion on all things racing. 

You once labelled Cam Jones the best horseman in the country. 

Happy speaks. The punters listen lol

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21 minutes ago, Happy Sunrise said:

I just put 10 ew on Le Pole Dancer tomorrow because of your mum's comment.



It was either that or The Hyena in Race 2 but a Rusty and a Pole seem to have a more natural fit.

I wonder (somewhat seriously) if there is a story behind the naming of Le Pole Dancer, Givemewhatineed and Owhatanight. 2 of them are owned by the Hoping We've Got What We Need Syndicate.

No wonder they like going to the coast. What happens on the coast stays on the coast?

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