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Christmas-New Year Challenge - Super 6 Comp - Round 6 - Fri Dec 31


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Round 6 - Fri Dec 31 - Hastings

Please see the original thread for rules and format. Please post 3 selections per race for the races listed below. $10 EW on each plus box quinellas and trifectas will apply. Choose one race each round as your Best Bet. Posting in numerical order always helps me e.g. 2,5,7. As with the Tour of Australasia you will be matched in a HTH 10 minutes before the first comp race. Any questions, please ask.

Also be aware the first teams comp of 2022 will kick off on Saturday Jan 15. I will be calling for entries at the conclusion of this comp. It will be a draft version !

Comp closes at 1.20pm - HTH draw will follow 10 mins before comp R1.

Races are:

1. Hastings R3 - 1.30pm - Racing This Time On Facebook Maiden - $12k, 1200m, maiden

2. Hastings R4 - 2.05pm - Power Farming 1400 - $12k, 1400m, R74 BM

3. Hastings R5 - 2.44pm - Monstavision Maiden - $12k, 1600m, maiden

4. Hastings R6 - 3.18pm - East Pier Hotel Mile - $12k, 1600m, R65 BM

5. Hastings R7 - 3.53m - Garth Best - Best Travel Memorial 2100 - $12k, 2100m, R65 BM

6. Hastings R8 - 4.31pm - Copyplus Hastings 1400 - $12k, 1400m, maiden



Richie (7) v PJ (15)

Geoff (14) v Rees (29)

Jen (13) v Rex (9)

Graeme (23) v Roland (32)

Gee (7) v Robert (6)

Ray (2) v Maurice (21)

Blind Squirrel (1) v Rob (18)

Max (33) v Ian (30)

Pete (24) v Zac (11)

Hesi (26) v Ziggy (34)

Gary (20) v Punter Pete (26)

Jamison (8) v Howie (10)

Wandering (24) v Midnight Caller (15)

Smiler (22) v Tom (28)

Gordy (3) v Jack (17)

Steve P (30) v Craig (4)

Stevie N (19) v Secret Squirrel (12)

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Forgot to say season's greetings to all - let's hope 2022 is the year we break free (again).

Special thanks to PJ for these wonderful comps that have become so addictive plus to Pete and Hesi for the site and to all of you who contribute - well done you!!

And a special image to finish the year on - someone told this guy the Myopic Squirrel was leading a PJ comp for two days in a row!!

Sorry one more - my new year's resolution thoughts attached as well!!


What's that you say.jpg


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