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Paddlepop....like this story.

slam dunk

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Here is a story like the paddle pop story worth sharing. 

Started out sad, poor cutie foal, but has ended well 😄 Take a peak at the Twitter videos with foal taking to new mummy her Great Grandam.


And then completely out of the blue for no reason anyone could understand, she completely rejected the foal and became very dangerous. She picked her up by the neck, threw her across the stall, and kicked her. It was quite shocking, and a very dangerous situation."

Although the farm team tried to reintroduce the foal after treating the mare hormonally, Boomer was having none of it. 

"We separated them, we injected her, and tried to reintroduce the foal, but that clearly didn't work," Black said. "It was a highly charged situation, so we just had to move the foal away, and (the foal) was very, very down. It was a long time before we were even able to bottle feed her. We tried to cheer her up and got her the teddy, which she seemed to like. 

Three lines back on the page and over in a nearby paddock was the 22-year-old Veiled Beauty, living her first season as a pensioner but about to be called into duty. 

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