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I'll start with the good stuff to avoid being negative shamed

1.  Regardless of how much you dislike Te Akau, you just cannot dislike Jamie Richards. Firstly he talks to the press all the time, he always defers praise to his staff, and he calls a spade a spade.  Mr Nice Guy really, maybe not behind the scenes after the last race.

2.  The constant fawning adoration from Trackside personnel, for the event and BGP, was getting quite a bit too much.  It's not the greatest race day that everyone looks forward to, it's a gathering of the elite, very little to do with the mainstream racing fan.  Boxing Day at Ellerslie(till they stuffed it), followed by NYD and Cup Week, would get most people's vote

3.  Yes Barry, Bosson is highly over rated, the last race showed that.  He just gets the best horses to ride.  Many others that people rate, such as Sam Weatherly

4.  Why does every women/girl in the crowd look like a Bo Derek(from 10)

5.  Te Akau knew who the best 2 year old they had was, and it wasn't Time Flies, it was Dynastic, but the suggestion was there.

6.  Was the race day a bore.  Yes, another benefit for TA and the big breeders to line their aspirations further, in the name of helping racing in NZ.  If NZ racing fell over tomorrow, TA and NZB would be fine.  How much did NZTR put into the day, I read somewhere 670,000.

7.  Can all us other punters get the same service and concessions as BGP

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