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Summer Super Draft Comp - Round 4 - Sat Feb 5 - selection thread


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ROUND 4 - Saturday Feb 5

Offngone and The Max Factors each look to bounce back from defeats last week while both Surf N Turf and the Grim Reapers are seeking back-to-back wins. The Hot Baches have a much better aggregate than the Yahabebees but find themselves 4 points behind them, a situation they hope to rectify come Saturday while the winless (and almost pointless) Grey Ways and Wurzels franchises will each be looking to make up for lost time and points when they clash head-on. Will we see a double-header Joker play ???

Amazingly, after just 3 Rounds only Ian is 3-for-3 with Max tasked to bring about his first defeat. Long odds I think....

Some interesting races this week spread across 4 venues with the Inglis Millennium being the highlight with 8 runners boasting a win in their last 2 starts while the final 2 races from Caulfield look wide open with some great odds sure to be on offer for some form horses. Good luck everyone.


Due to problems that have occurred so far in the comp the following changes will be made:

a) The posting deadline for selections will now be ONE HOUR before the first race in the comp. Everyone is expected to post by this time.

b) After the one hour deadline, Captains (or a nominated person from their team) will be able to post any scratching sub, missing BBs, etc necessary. They will have 30 minutes to do this. If you have team members who have posted to your own private message chat then this is the time to post their selections to the selection thread.

c) After this 30 minute period (1 hour before race 1 to 30 minutes before race 1) the thread will be deemed closed and no correspondence, changes, selections will be accepted after this time. Period. No excuses will be accepted. In that time I will post the extrapolations for the first race, time permitting. As in the case of Steve P yesterday who originally posted a completely wrong set of picks, this will need to be fixed before the 30 minute close off. The corrections will need to be in a new post not as an added post to the original selection post.  

d) THIS IS IMPORTANT. EVERY POST to the selection page needs to be a new message/thread. Do not edit posts and do not post on the thread on which you have already posted your selections. Most people do this already using a heading like "Craig's Scratching Subs" or something similar. If you don't follow this rule and add posts to your selection thread they will be ignored and any changes requested will not be granted. If Captains notice that team members have disobeyed this rule then they will have to correct the issue in a new post.


4. Scratching Rule. You may post replacements for any scratching by making a new post entirely (i.e. new thread) clearly indicating your replacement selection(s). This may now be done any time up until 1 HOUR before the first race which I will refer to as CLOSING TIME. If you have not posted by then your Captain (or other team member) will have 30 minutes to submit a replacement set of selections on the selection thread (in a new post/thread). Any scratchings that require subs can also be submitted by the Captains at that time. It would be very helpful if you are at all able, to please check your selections for scratchings, before closing time. Once we are 1 HOUR away from the start of race one, the selection thread will be opened to allow everyone to view everyone else's selections and for Captains to have 30 minutes to post any subs, BBs  etc. Selections cannot be changed at this point except in the event of scratchings or numbers posted that don't exist for that specific race. After this point - 30 minutes prior to race 1 - ALL selections are LOCKED IN. Late scratchings will go to the TAB sub followed by the 2nd favourite by TAB win odds in that order. If more than one horse meets the latter criteria then the replacement will be the horse with the higher number. 

Post your selections here. Remember, two selections per race; one best bet in each country; scratching replacements on a new post (don't edit your original). You won't know your opponents selections until the selection thread is opened up 20 minutes before the start of comp race #1.

Selections Close off at 1.14pm (NZ time)

Races are:

1. New Plymouth R4 - 2.14pm - Platinum Homes 2YO Classic (Gr3) - $80k, 1200m, 2yos SWs

2. New Plymouth R5 - 2.48pm - Powerworx Taranaki Cup (Gr3) - $85k, 1800m, open SW+Ps

3. Wingatui R6 - 3.08pm - Alleviate Administration Dunedin Gold Cup (LR) - $60k, 2400m, open hdcp

4. Wingatui R7 - 3.43pm - ODT Southern Mile Qualifier - $35k, 1600m, R65 BM

5. Wingatui R8 - 4.18pm - White Robe Lodge (Gr3) - $100k, 1600m, WFA

6. Caulfield R5 - 5.05pm - IVE> Print Manfred Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1200m, 3yos SW+Ps

7. Randwick R6 - 5.25pm - Inglis Millennium (LR) - $2m, 1100m, 2yos SWs

8. Randwick R8 - 6.45pm - Petaluma Eskimo Prince Stks (Gr3) - $160k, 1200m, 3yos SW+Ps

9. Caulfield R8 - 7.05pm - Quayclean Hdcp - $130k, 1100m, BM78 hdcp

10. Caulfield R9 - 7.40pm - Premier Signs Hdcp - $130k, 1600m, BM78 hdcp



Gary (2/1-442.60/160.80) v Ziggy (1/2-657.00/943.20)

Trotslover (1/2-393.20/466.20) v Rees (2/1-899.00/500.40)

Robert (2/1-626.80/509.60) v Secret Squirrel (2/1-784.00/414.00)

Punter Pete (1/2-359.00/665.80) v Stevie N (1/2-717.80/1019.40)

Max (2/1-1004.00/725.40) v Ian (3/0-1196.00/621.40)


GRIM REAPERS (3rd) vs SURF N TURF (5th) 

Hesi (2/1-692.60/838.80) v Geoff (0/2-386.80/1006.80)

Roland (0/3-354.00/1485.60) v Gee (1/1-645.80/364.60)

Smiler (2/1-1075.00/567.20) v Graeme (2/0-672.40/161.60)

Tonkatime (2/1-783.40/568.40) v Gospel of Judas (1/1-432.80/234.40)

PJ (1/2-1079.20/1371.00) v Ray (2/0-1007.60/273.80)



Heather (2/1-915.60/557.00) v Happy Sunrise (1/2-1019.40/1078.60)

Wrinkles (1/2-394.60/1567.60) v Maria (0/3-480.80/902.00)

Rob (1/2-599.40/471.80) v Blind Squirrel (2/1-1108.60/632.00)

Richie (2/1-605.40/490.80) v Steve P (1/2-530.80/812.40)

Howie (2/1-1057.40/592.80) v Pam (0/3-456.00/798.60)


WURZELS (9th) vs GREY WAYS (8th)

Jakey Boy (1/1-520.00/485.80) v Buller Rep (1/1-438.20/476.00)

Maurice (1/1-319.00/375.00) v Jen (0/2-61.80/351.60)

Pete (1/1-614.60/904.00) v Dino (1/1-1015.00/356.00)

Sharne (0/2-311.00/502.80) v Gordy (1/1-379.60/253.60)

Midnight Caller (1/1-479.20/274.20) v Rex (1/1-685.00/322.60)



Lightning Blue (2/1-1725.60/778.60)

Tom (2/1-533.60/705.80)

Harewood (2/1-615.00/502.00)

Craig (2/1-860.00/544.20)

Jack (2/1-681.00/641.60)



1725.60 Lightning Blue (Mr Aybees)

1196.00 Ian (Offngone)

1108.60 Blind Squirrel (Hot Baches)

1079.20 PJ (Grim Reapers)

1075.00 Smiler (Grim Reapers)

1057.40 Howie (Yahabebees)

1019.40 Happy Sunrise (Hot Baches)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them) - fortune shines on those whose name starts with "G" apparently...

Midnight Caller (1/1-274.20) (Wurzels)

Ray (2/0-273.80) (Surf N Turf)

Gordy (1/1-253.60) (Grey Ways)

Gospel of Judas (1/1-234.40) (Surf N Turf)

Graeme (2/0-161.60) (Surf N Turf)

Gary (2/1-160.80) (Max Factors)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Stevie N (1/2-1019.40) (Offngone)

Happy Sunrise (1/2-1078.60) (Hot Baches)

PJ (1/2-1371.00) (Grim Reapers)

Roland (0/3-1485.60) (Grim Reapers)

Wrinkles (1/2-1567.60) (Yahabebees)


TABLE after ROUND 3 (wins/bonus points/jeopardy deductions)

1st 8 pts Mr Aybees $4415.20 (3/3/1)

2nd 8 pts Offngone $4253.80 (2/4/0)

3rd 6 pts Grim Reapers $3983.80 (1/4/0)

4th 6 pts Yahabebees $3265.00 (2/2/0)

5th 6 pts Surf N Turf $3145.40 (2/2/0)

6th 4 pts Max Factors(J) $2825.60 (2/0/0)

7th 2 pt Hot Baches $3596.20 (0/2/0)

8th 1 pts Grey Ways $2579.80 (0/1/0)

9th 0 pts Wurzels $2243.80 (0/0/0)

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  • PWJ pinned this topic
43 minutes ago, PWJ said:

Mr Aybees vs the Cellar Dwellers Derby (Wurzels vs Grey Ways) for their Bye round looks the nailed on bet of the weekend.

Bring 'em on. We'll need a Stewards enquiry with the form reversal we're going to stage this week.

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3 hours ago, pete said:

Bring 'em on. We'll need a Stewards enquiry with the form reversal we're going to stage this week.

I think Rex (in The Grey Ways) won PJ's last comp , so you are in for a torrid time Pete. the master might strike.?    

The Aybees are bound to be hanging around like one of those very annoying mosquito's. Likely to put you off your game , while you swat away madly .

Good luck though !! (and keep away from the Mortein lol..) 

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Draw for the rest of the comp-

Round 5 - Feb 12

Surf N Turf vs Wurzels

Hot Baches vs Max Factors

Grim Reapers vs Yahabebees

Grey Ways vs Mr Aybees

Bye - Offngone


Round 6 - Feb 19

Grim Reapers vs Max Factors

Grey Ways vs Offngone

Yahabebees vs Surf N Turf

Wurzels vs Mr Aybees

Bye - Hot Baches


Round 7 - Feb 26

Yahabebees vs Max Factors

Offngone vs Wurzels

Hot Baches vs Grey Ways

Surf N Turf vs Mr Aybees

Bye - Grim Reapers


Round 8 - Mar 5

Mr Aybees vs Offngone

Grim Reapers vs Grey Ways

Max Factors vs Surf N Turf

Hot Baches vs Wurzels

Bye - Yahabebees


Round 9 - Mar 12

Hot Baches vs Mr Aybees

Yahabebees vs Grey Ways

Grim Reapers vs Wurzels

Surf N Turf vs Offngone

Bye - Max Factors

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On 2/3/2022 at 5:02 AM, pete said:

Bring 'em on. We'll need a Stewards enquiry with the form reversal we're going to stage this week.

I'm calling a pre race Stewards enquiry on my opponent today!

One, because I am led to believe  that there is three in our competition, with my opponent getting a "helping hand" from a certain  nurse Gla Gla Gladys Emmanuel.

Secondly, the rider of Sir Galivant maybe holding substances within,that are not in the laws of racing. Rex, can you kindly piss in the pot before leaving the birdcage!

Good luck today, I feel I'm in for a rough ride.

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Got my old nemesis  PJ today whom I would estimate has defeated me in 7 of our last 8 match ups. 

My single victory came, as I recall, when PJ turned up all cock-a-hoop after posting a huge individual score in his previous match. 

Much like today....😉

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8 minutes ago, Rayzor said:

Got my old nemesis  PJ today whom I would estimate has defeated me in 7 of our last 8 match ups. 

My single victory came, as I recall, when PJ turned up all cock-a-hoop after posting a huge individual score in his previous match. 

Much like today....😉

Chasing Ray......Again perhaps😀

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