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Summer Super Draft Comp - Round 7 - Sat Feb 26 - selection thread


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ROUND 7 - Sat Feb 26

Top of the table clash between the juggernaut that is Offngone and the emerging stars - the Wurzels - will dominate Saturday's proceedings. Some fascinating match-ups none less than Rees vs Pete which is sure to yield plenty of trash talk. I see Offngone narrow winners.

The Max Factors and Yahabebees - level on points - each bounced back to win last week and will look to go back-to-back in what looks like a tight tussle. My money is on the Maxis who I reckon will throw in  a Joker. 

The Grey Ways and Hot Baches both failed to score a point last week so they will each be looking to get back in the winning vein. Will the Grey Ways play their Joker or save it for the Reapers or Yabbies ?? Prediction - Hot Baches by the narrowest of margins

Surf N Turf and the Mr Aybees also suffered defeats last week. Surf N Turf have a two point lead over their rivals but the Mr Aybees have a better aggregate. Looks like another close one. SNT are probably trying to decide whether to give their Joker a spin this week or wait in ambush for the Maxis next week.....  SNT to run out narrow victors

If the Grim Reapers can ever turn aggregates into points they would go close to winning the comp. This week they have no pesky HTHs to trouble them. But who will they take on ? No obvious candidates stand out .... over to you Alan.

Captains don't forget: there are 5 Joker cards and 8 Jeopardy chips remaining unused with only 4 rounds remaining

Post your selections here. Remember, two selections per race; one best bet in each country; scratching replacements on a new post (don't edit your original). You won't know your opponents selections until the selection thread is opened up 30 minutes before the start of comp race #1.

Selections Close off at 11.47 a.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Otaki R2 - 12.47pm - Vets On Riverbank Hdcp - $30k, 1600m, R74 BM

2. Otaki R3 - 1.22pm - JCE Construct Hdcp - $40k, 1200m, open hdcp

3. Matamata R4 - 2.14pm - Fairview Matamata Slipper (Gr3) - $80k, 1200m, 2yos colts/geldgs SWs

4. Matamata R5 - 2.48pm - Valachi Downs 1400 - $30k, 1400m, R74 BM

5. Otaki R7 - 3.43pm - El Cheapo Cars Classic (Gr1) - $220k, 1600m, WFA

6. Caulfield R4 - 4.25pm - Neds Angus Armanasco Stks (Gr2) - $300k, 1400m, 3yo fillies SW+Ps

7. Caulfield R6 - 5.45pm - Lamaro's Hotel Futurity Stks (Gr1) - $750k, 1400m, WFA

8. Randwick R7 - 6.05pm - TAB Chipping Norton Stks (Gr1) - $600k, 1600m, WFA

9. Caulfield R7 - 6.25pm - Neds Blue Diamond Stks (Gr1) - $1.5m, 1200m, 2yos SWs

10. Caulfield R8 - 7.05pm - Neds Oakleigh Plate (Gr1) - $750k, 1100m, hdcp


OFFNGONE (1st) vs WURZELS (2nd)

Ian (4/1-1789.00/1019.60) v Jakey Boy (4/1-1160.80/888.60)

Ziggy (2/3-1236.20/1209.40) v Sharne (3/2-1575.40/969.80)

Secret Squirrel (3/2-1513.20/924.80) v Midnight Caller (4/1-1538.00/668.00)

Stevie N (3/2-1679.40/1400.20) v Maurice (3/2-1195.60/1159.20)

Rees (4/1-1479.20/788.40) v Pete (1/4-895.60/1548.00)



Max (3/3-1411.00/1506.40) v Richie (2/4-1372.20/1321.80)

Punter Pete (2/4-1006.40/1257.60) v Heather (5/1-1599.40/940.80)

Gary (4/2-1210.60/763.20) v Rob (2/4-1100.60/1309.00)

Robert (5/1-1251.00/923.60) v Howie (5/1-1931.60/1069.80)

Trotslover (2/4-979.80/1225.00) v Wrinkles (1/5-640.60/2247.40)


HOT BACHES (3rd) vs GREY WAYS (9th) 

Happy Sunrise (2/3-1588.40/1441.20) v Jen (0/5-412.00/866.60)

Maria (1/4-1089.60/1143.00) v Buller Rep (2/3-1249.20/1212.20)

Pam (1/4-850.00/1126.60) v Gordy (2/3-876.60/825.20)

Steve P (3/2-1447.80/1182.00) v Dino (2/3-1420.60/666.00)

Blind Squirrel (3/2-1962.40/1064.20) v Rex (2/3-1295.80/1019.40)


SURF N TURF (4th) vs MR AYBEES (8th) 

Gee (2/3-1000.80/992.60) v Lightning Blue (2/3-2259.80/1378.60)

Ray (4/1-1467.00/1011.00) v Harewood (2/3-1126.80/1224.60)

Graeme (4/1-1544.40/964.40) v Craig (3/2-1216.00/924.00)

Gospel of Judas (3/2-1280.80/1106.60) v Jack (3/2-1247.20/1063.00)

Geoff (1/4-892.40/1994.20) v Tom (3/2-948.60/1190.20)



Smiler (4/2-2239.40/1202.80)

PJ (3/3-1829.20/2054.00)

Roland (0/6-716.00/2138.40)

Hesi (3/3-1349.20/1427.60)

Tonkatime (3/3-1392.20/1512.60)



2259.80 Lightning Blue (Mr Aybees) (2/3)

2239.40 Smiler (Grim Reapers) (4/2)

1962.40 Blind Squirrel (Hot Baches) (3/2)

1931.60 Howie (Yahabebees) (5/1)

1829.20 PJ (Grim Reapers) (3/3)

1789.00 Ian (Offngone) (4/1)

1679.40 Stevie N (Offngone) (3/2)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them) {Grey Ways seem to be getting a soft ride....}

Jen (0/5-866.60) (Grey Ways)

Gordy (2/3-825.20) (Grey Ways)

Rees (4/1-788.40) (Offngone)

Gary (4/2-763.20) (Max Factors)

Midnight Caller (4/1-668.00) (Wurzels)

Dino (2/3-666.00) (Grey Ways)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

Pete (1/4-1548.00) (Wurzels)

Geoff (1/4-1994.20) (Surf N Turf)

PJ (3/3-2054.00) (Grim Reapers)

Roland (0/6-2138.40) (Grim Reapers)

Wrinkles (1/5-2247.40) (Yahabebees)


PJ both "Unfortunate" and "Magnificent" - hmmph ! need to have a sharp word with that guy who does the draws....


Max Factors won more matches than anyone but are in the bottom half of the table 🙄

1st 15 pts Offngone^ $7697.00 (3/9/0)

2nd 13 pts Wurzels^* $6365.40 (3/7/0)

3rd 10 pt Hot Baches^* $6939.00 (2/6/0)

4th 10 pts Surf N Turf^ $6094.80 (3/4/0)

5th 9 pts Yahabebees* $6333.00 (3/3/0)

6th 9 pts Max Factors(J) $6184.00 (4/1/0)

7th 8 pts Grim Reapers $7525.60 (2/4/0)

8th 8 pts Mr Aybees^* $6799.40 (3/3/1)

9th 3 pts Grey Ways^ $5148.40 (1/1/0)

* Joker played

^ Bye taken

(J) Jeopardy chip used

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