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Summer Super Draft Comp - Round 8 - Sat Mar 5 - selection thread


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ROUND 8 - Sat Mar 5

PLEASE NOTE: Due to Randwick being under considerable threat of abandonment I have included 4 substitute races at Flemington. You need to select for the substitute races before the normal closing time. The races are scheduled chronologically to slot in to the original 1-10 race schedule. please annotate the substitute race selections as 3a, 7a, 9a, etc. If Randwick is abandoned in mid-program these races will come straight into play.

Most eyes will be on the Mr Aybees this week as they look to prevent Offngone from wrapping up the Summer Comp a week early. It looks a tough task but each of the Aybee lineup are capable of an outstanding score on their day. Magnificent Seven club members Rees and Lightning Blue face off in the glamour HTH. C'mon Aybees, everyone is cheering for ya !

Surf N Turf need nothing less than a 5-zip crushing of the Max Factors to keep their hopes alive and I'm expecting some sort of team strategy to manifest. The Maxis have more wins than anyone in the comp so they will be sure to put up a strong fight.

The Grim Reapers (still with a Joker in hand), are another side needing no less than a whitewash (or should that be "greywash"), against the Grey Ways (also holding a Joker), who face the challenge of escaping the cellar before the comp ends. Thank goodness Roland & Jen didn't draw each other !

The Hot Baches and Wurzels are level on points and are looking to each try and secure the runner-up spot in the comp. Sure to be a close one. Expecting the Wurzels to bounce back by a whisker....

Finally The Yahabebees have a difficult task deciding which match to take on for their Bye Round opponents. I'm expecting something "left field' from Howie !.


Selections Close off at 11.58 a.m. (NZ time)

Races are:

1. Ellerslie R2 - 12.58pm - Race In Australia With Go Racing Nathans Memorial - $70k, 2200m, open hdcp

2. Ellerslie R4 - 2.08pm - Stella Artois Mufhasa Stks (LR) - $80k, 1400m, 3yos SW+Ps

3. Randwick R2 - 2.55pm -Yarraman Park Reisling Stks (Gr2) - $300k, 1200m, 2yo fillies SWs

4. Ellerslie R6 - 3.19pm - McKee Family Sunline Vase (Gr3) - $90k, 2100m, 3yo fillies SWs

5. Ellerslie R8 - 4.30pm - Haunui Farm King's Plate (Gr3) - $100k, 1200m, open SW+Ps

6. Ellerslie R9 - 5.10pm - Vodafone NZ Derby (Gr1) - $1m, 2400m,3yos SWs

7. Randwick R7 - 6.00pm - Furphy Canterbury Stks (Gr1) - $500k, 1300m, WFA

8. Flemington R7 - 6.20pm - Australian Guineas (Gr1) - $1m, 1600m, 3yos SWs

9. Randwick R8 - 6.40pm - Mostyn Copper Randwick Guineas (Gr1) - $1m, 1600m, 3yos SWs

10. Randwick R9 - 7.20pm - Ranvet Aspiration Quality (Gr3) - $160k, 1600m, fillies/mares qlty hdcp


SUBSTITUTE RACES (Please select for these before closing time of 11.58am. Selections will not be accepted after.)

3a. Flemington R1 - 2.35pm -The Australian Childhood Foundation Plate (LR) - $160k, 1000m, 2yos SWs

7a. Flemington R6 - 5.40pm - TAB Blamey Stks (Gr2) - $300k, 1600m, open SW+Ps

9a. Flemington R8 - 7.00pm - ATA/Bob Hoysted Hdcp (LR) - $160k, 1000m, hdcp

10a. Flemington R9 - 7.35pm - The Schweppes Plate - $130k, 1600m, BM84 hdcp


MAX FACTORS (5th) vs SURF N TURF (2nd)

Robert (6/1-1589.00/1192.60) v Gospel of Judas (4/2-1700.40/1223.60)

Trotslover (2/5-1075.80/1576.80) v Gee (3/3-1628.80/1098.60)

Max (3/4-1486.00/1999.80) v Geoff (2/4-1237.40/2244.80)

Gary (5/2-1694.20/915.80) v Ray (5/1-1850.00/1082.00)

Punter Pete (3/4-1237.00/1353.60) v Graeme (5/1-1722.40/1116.40)


HOT BACHES (3rd) vs WURZELS (4th) 

Blind Squirrel (4/2-2453.20/1254.20) v Maurice (3/3-1322.60/1499.60)

Steve P (4/2-1543.80/1207.00) v Pete (1/5-1372.60/2076.60)

Maria (1/5-1110.60/1381.00) v Jakey Boy (4/2-1256.80/1073.20)

Pam (2/4-1233.60/1371.00) v Midnight Caller (4/2-1697.00/919.60)

Happy Sunrise (3/3-1880.40/1669.20) v Sharne (3/3-1892.40/1567.00)


OFFNGONE (1st) vs MR AYBEES (8th)

Secret Squirrel (4/2-1764.80/1083.80) v Harewood (2/4-1197.80/1607.60)

Stevie N (4/2-2019.80/1527.20) v Tom (3/3-1199.20/1535.20)

Ziggy (3/3-1833.40/1526.40) v Craig (3/3-1368.00/1102.00)

Ian (5/1-1973.60/1115.60) v Jack (3/3-1364.20/1482.60)

Rees (5/1-2007.80/1265.40) v Lightning Blue (2/4-2365.80/2006.60)


GRIM REAPERS (7th) vs GREY WAYS (9th) 

Smiler (4/2-2452.00/1202.80) v Buller Rep (3/3-1487.20/1233.20)

Hesi (3/3-1810.80/1427.60) v Jen (0/6-640.00/1158.60)

Roland (0/6-1003.00/2138.40) v Rex (2/4-1485.80/1510.20)

Tonkatime (3/3-1519.20/1512.60) v Gordy (2/4-1120.40/1208.80)

PJ (3/3-1854.20/2054.00) v Dino (2/4-1445.60/762.00)



Richie (3/4-1865.60/1396.80)

Heather (5/2-1695.40/1171.40)

Rob (2/5-1253.20/1792.60)

Howie (5/2-2200.60/1407.80)

Wrinkles (2/5-992.40/2343.40)



2453.20 Blind Squirrel (Hot Baches) (4/2)

2452.00 Smiler (Grim Reapers) (4/2)

2365.80 Lightning Blue (Mr Aybees) (2/4)

2200.60 Howie (Yahabebees) (5/2)

2019.80 Stevie N (Offngone) (4/2)

2007.80 Rees (Offngone) (5/1)

1973.60 Ian (Offngone) (5/1)


THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them)

Secret Squirrel (4/2-1083.80) (Offngone)

Ray (5/1-1082.00) (Surf N Turf)

Jakey Boy (4/2-1073.20) (Wurzels)

Midnight Caller (4/2-919.60) (Wurzels)

Gary (5/2-915.80) (Max Factors)

Dino (2/4-762.00) (Grey Ways)


THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them)

PJ (3/3-2054.00) (Grim Reapers)

Pete (1/5-2076.60) (Wurzels)

Roland (0/6-2138.40) (Grim Reapers)

Geoff (2/4-2244.80) (Surf N Turf)

Wrinkles (2/5-2343.40) (Yahabebees)



(wins/bonus points/Jeopardy chip deductions)

1st 25 pts Offngone*^ $9599.40 (4/17/0)

2nd 15 pts Surf N Turf*^ $8048.40 (4/7/0)

3rd 13 pt Hot Baches*^ $8222.40 (3/7/0)

4th 13 pts Wurzels*^(J) $7441.40 (3/7/0)

5th 13 pts Max Factors*(J) $7407.20 (5/3/0)

6th 11 pts Yahabebees* $7695.80 (3/5/0)

7th 9 pts Grim Reapers^ $8638.80 (2/5/0)

8th 8 pts Mr Aybees*^(J) $7496.00 (3/3/1)

9th 3 pts Grey Ways $6073.80 (1/1/0)

* Joker played

(J) Jeopardy chip played

^ Bye taken


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