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The Race Place

Strathayr at Ellerslie


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All go, Ellerslie out of action for up to 2 years.

Anyone know who has got the contract to do the work

2 points of interest

1.  Disappointing that Avondale couldn't pick up some of the slack

2.  A new underground vehicle access way at the 600m, such that all parking will become infield and eliminate the need for the crossing.  I presume this means, that the intention is to sell off the existing car parking area that runs adjacent to the Southern Motorway


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There is already a tunnel in place at the 600m (underground) so will only require some development on the access to and from it to make it work. Mainly maintenance vehicles, track vehicles etc. use it now.

Re existing car parking - my understanding was this was to be come leasehold land with a shopping precinct, hotel and apartments similar to Alex Park however it never came to fruition due to the financial crisis a few years ago - maybe it is back on the cards. Access and egress had been council approved for this about 8-10 years ago (I think) but no idea what is happening now.


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1 minute ago, brown fox said:

Is that separate from the hill Hesi?

Good question.  Should be, as it was news announced yesterday and the Hill sale was announced months ago

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Apologies, it is the hill

Friday, 1 April, 2022 - 11:22

Auckland Thoroughbred Racing (ATR) formerly Auckland Racing Club has selected Fletcher Living, to develop a 6.2ha parcel of land at Ellerslie Racecourse known as The Hill, for residential housing.

The proposed development will include approximately 370 residential units in a mix of different housing types including apartments, duplex, terraced and detached houses. Some of the dwellings will be allocated to Fletcher’s retirement living business, Vivid Living.

Auckland Thoroughbred Racing Chief Executive Officer Paul Wilcox says that developing the unused land will benefit the community.

"As part of our Club’s plans to futureproof the sport of racing, we are currently upgrading our track at Ellerslie to an international-standard StrathAyr surface. However, with that kind of surface unsuitable for jumps racing, that type of racing will no longer be held at Ellerslie and The Hill is thus surplus to our requirements. The proposed Fletcher Living development will provide the community with better connections to surrounding streets and public transport links."

ATR selected Fletcher Living as the developer following a competitive bid process in 2021.

Steve Evans, Fletcher Building’s Chief Executive, Residential and Development says Fletcher Living is delighted to be named the developer for The Hill.

"The Hill is a really exciting piece of land which will give us the scope to do what we do best - use our extensive residential development experience to develop a vibrant new community that Auckland can be proud of. We can’t wait to get stuck into the next stage with ATR."

Alongside the housing, the development will also create new open spaces and pedestrian and cycle connections alongside new public roads.

"We believe Fletcher Living will develop the land sensitively, with respect to the neighbouring community. Their significant local knowledge, strong financial strength, and a reputation for delivery will ensure that the project is one that the community can be proud of," says Wilcox.

The Hill development proposal is being considered under the COVID-19 Recovery (Fast-track Consenting) Act 2020 (FTCA). FTCA has been established to speed up consenting processes for projects which are considered to support New Zealand’s recovery from the economic and social impacts of COVID-19.

The Minister for the Environment, Hon David Parker, has confirmed that The Hill development meets the criteria of the FTCA and should therefore be referred for consideration by an expert consenting panel.

ATR and Fletcher Living will engage with local residents and retailers to facilitate an open dialogue, and ensure the programme creates great outcomes for the local community

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