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Fixed Odds deductions


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32 minutes ago, Hesi said:

Is there anywhere on the TAB website that you can find the % deductions after scratchings on race morning, or do you have to ring them up

If you've backed something, you'd see it in the dividend change. If you haven't backed anything, it isn't a major piece of info I wouldn't have thought. 

If they apply a deduction, the rule as per NZ Betting Rules is (RBP - the number of paying dividends)

FINAL FIELD DEDUCTION FORMULA The nearest whole number percentage, using Swiss Rounding, obtained by dividing 80 by the product of the number of RBPs multiplied by the Odds for the Race Entrant at the time it was Scratched from a Race, provided the Odds are less than or equal to Maximum Deduction Odds = 80/(RBPs x Odds) (Rounded to nearest whole number).

Maximum Deduction Odds shall be $35.00

A horse at odds of 20 (in a win only market) at time of scratching would allow the TAB to make a deduction of 80/20 = 4% against the bets placed prior to the scratching being applied by the TAB. 

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