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Interdominions 2019 at Alexandra Park

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17 hours ago, Double R said:

Race 8: 2. Sicario. This horse impressed me at the workouts at Pukekohe last Saturday, and will give this heat a real shake. Is currently at 70/1.  Anyone bold enough, he is 150/1 to win the final.

Probably close to the mark Robert. Those coming from the back will find it tough , although the Aussies wont die wondering as usual. Worth a place punt at least.

I think Ashley Locaz is a best bet at 11,s, and way over from that draw considering his record up against top fields.  I have put some on already as I think he might be the find of the Pacers series..He might get the trail behind Chase Auckland but either way if he is not in the first 2 or 3, I will be very surprised

I think you will see a different MM tonight running right handed. He loves it. And he deserves a win in a top race after battling it out from bad draws. Cant wait.

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So you're the resident Harness expert Rees, who is going to win the Pacing and Trot Grand Finals.  Also some of the bigger  supporting races, is it all an All Stars gimme me.

I knew George Breckon when I was living down in Te Atatu.  Losing a son was a big blow to him, and good that they honour him each year with a memorial race

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Sorry Hesi , left for Cambridge /Auckland on Thur morning and not really taking any notice on here. Yeah the lowest price winners of any meet I can remember, utter nonsense.

I think M Guerin and Fats coupled with the two Aussies stopped tipping out favs and individual horses and ended up concentrating on the multis where the only value could be found as long as one picked 4 or 5 in a row. The TAB felt aggrieved they had been hit for half a mil on the night. My heart bleeds the useless pricks ,when most races where run at 110% to 120 or more %. 

On another note we lost our final by a half head. I wont go into details it still smarts for everyone involved.

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