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A pox on all our houses ...or not ...


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Breaking News, people, breaking news...marked in the danger colour of RED across a laptop, desktop and/or tablet mobile device near you.

What's breaking? The dreaded monkeypox, people, the scourge of all mankind. How on Earth will we cope? How on Earth will this reckless RED-led Gummit respond to this threat to our physical, mental, emotional and intellectual wellbeing?

After all, there are 3 known cases in our team nation of 5mill  (+ a handful of tourists) and we don't have Sir Ashenly Bloomingface to lead us out of the war zone alive.

Worst of all, we have an incompetent bunch of buffoons running the show (and a compliant shock-horror-luvin media) who know how to make us jump at our own shadows and thrive on keeping Kiwis obedient to their agenda.

Be brave - like Max - and just ignore the screaming RED 'Breaking News' nonsense. Ignore it and carry on with your (preferably productive) lives.

Cos the Monkeypox is not the bubonic plague.

Rant over.


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