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Dull and boring ...


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Max cannot think of an upcoming Saturday raceday with so little going for it. No disrespect intended to the O'Learys but a 'Fillies Classic' at Wanganui on the first Sat in September?

Back in the day, the Wanganui Guineas was a race worth winning (or, at least, felt like it) ...but really NZTR or wotever you're called...can't you do any better than this with your programming?

Max would rather you just 'abandoned ship' through July and/or August rather than run theses no-note b***shit days

Maybe that's their cunning plan ...to piss us off so much we dont have any interest in thoroughbred racing in July/Aug..if that's the case, like I say, just save your money, give everyone a proper holibob and come back when the Spring breaks through ....with decent stakes and a whole lot more enthusiasm all-round.

Thank the Lord for Oz metropolitan racing....


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3 hours ago, craigos1 said:

It is funny how we all think differently.

I always look forward to this Wanganui  meeting.

Get to have a look at new 2yo's and of course the 3yo fillies and colts.

Generally there is always at least 1 horse who comes out of these races that you put in your black book.

I agree Craig. I love spring racing and usually manage to get a winner or two at Wanganui. I know there's a lot of conjecture about horses for courses but it does seem to be one of those tracks that certain horses perform well on.

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