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Mardy's 4 day Lockdown Comp continues 3 April at TAMWORTH!!! Close off 2.10 pm
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Sir Castleton

UK selection results for Thursday 05/12/2019 (winners/placings only)

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1.    Southwell Race 1    3. Class Clown (WINNER @ 5.26)
2.    Southwell Race 1    10. Chocoholic (3RD)
3.    Southwell Race 2    3. Madeeh (NR)
4.    Southwell Race 2    7. Jazz Hands (WINNER @ 9.20)
5.    Southwell Race 6    11. Captain Ryan (NR)

2 winners, 1 placing, 2 non-runners from 21 selections

New balance after 31/10/19 top up and update – 103.98pts
Current balance – 25.43pts

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