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Trevor Mallard ...a ducking disgrace


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Good riddance to this plonker. Thank goodness he will not cheapen or demean the corridors of our Parliament again.

Still sucking off the public teat, but at least it's from afar and his name will not be so prominently heard, though given his narcissistic nature he may yet find a way. 

As the Speaker of the House he leaves an an appalling legacy. 

Not that he will care...laughing all the way to the bank for 40 years.


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  • Maximus changed the title to Trevor Mallard ...a ducking disgrace

Yep, couldn’t agree more.

Don’t worry though, we have a short time left with the worst Govt seen in decades.

Ham West (my electorate) is going to show how pissed off people out there are and Jacinda knows it’s a landslide against coming up.

Winston is right, they won’t go full term either as she’s stepping aside to let Grant take the fall.

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Loved Winnies Churchilian comment. " Never before has so much damage been done to a country, by so few ,in so short a time.

I think the past 5 yrs in this young country's history have seen many of us stunned by the speed and scale of our downfall. Winston was alluding to the few ministers with so many portfolios , most of them serial politicians. And a quick glance at their respective Linkedin pages and Cabinet profiles reveals that these three (Robertson, Hipkins and Wood) have spent less than 5 yrs in total -among them-working in jobs outside the political system. 

Nothing but spin doctors when a microphone is shoved in their face,telling us how many doctors , police ,or teachers they have recruited. What they don't tell you is how many have left, because they can't explain why we have the problems we have , nor shed any believable light on their proposed solutions .

It will take a decade or possibly a generation to turn around and undo this Leftist ideological social structure changing bunch of loons. 

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