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The Race Place

Rex's Show Day Shootout Harness Comp Entries here Close 11.30


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Gday all nice and early so i dont miss out could you fix any scratchings please as i wont be up early enough here in TASMANIA.THANKYOU in advance.


R1 3-9-12

R2 3-4-6

R3 1-5-8

R4 3-4-10 

R5 1-3-9

R6 7-10-16

R7 1-9-11

R8 4-7-8

R9 1-7-8

R10 1-6-7

R11 2-5-7

R12 5-6-13BB

R13 6-7-8

Well thats all folks lowest price not in picks for scratchings please ,hopefully none .all the best all TAZ.

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G'day Rex. Hope you enjoyed the Cup ! Sure was a gun race. The Aussie came up just short and couldn't get the win like Lightning Blue did.

Looking for an Aussie Best Bet Trifecta in the Nz FFA though to make up for it.. !! watch out for it matey 😂

R1 /  8-10-14  

R2 /  1-3-8

R3 /  2-6-13

R4 /  4-10-12

R5 /  3-11-13

R6 /  7-10-14

R7 /  1-6-11

R8 /  1-5-7

R9 /  3-6-8

R10 / 1-7-16

R11 /  10-12-14

R12 /  5-6-13    Best Bet Go Aussies !!!!!!!!🏆🍀

R13 /  6-10-11

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2 hours ago, Gazzac said:

Good luck Rees - hope he gets nice cover and can sprint home !!

I would love to see him win his first 2 mile race. Has been placed before in the big ones over two miles. I think at this stage of his career they will sit sprint again, as long as Sundee isn't running along at supersonic pace. 

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Addington Shoot Out Day!!

Race 1: -3x9x11

Race 2: -3x6x7

Race 3: -5x10x14

Race 4: -4x7x12

Race 5: -2x3x6

Race 6: -4x10x14

Race 7: -1x10x11

Race 8: -9x10x11

Race 9: -1x4x8

Race10: -5x6x7

Race11: -2x3x14

Race12: -2x7x10

Race13: -3x6x11. -BB

Thanks Rex. and Rees !!

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cheers Sir G, knight of the realm


R1          6,8,13

R2          1,6,9

R3          1,2,4

R4          1,6,9

R5          1,2,3

R6          3,9,14

R7          3,6,11

R8          4,7,12

R9          1,5,8

R10        1,7,9

R11        1,2,13

R12        1,4,5

R13        1,2,11 BB


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