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Calling all TRP players with a heart and a few spare $$$

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It's not too late to get involved in Maxi's Let It Ride For Charity.

It doesn't cost you a bundle ($210 minimum) and it doesn't take months to end...just a few weeks from here, and you can make some much-needed dollars for your chosen charity...the bst thing is that if it works out well, the money you're donating is mostly from the TAB ..and they deserve to hand it over!

We're three weeks in, but that leaves 5 weeks unless Mustelid maths has gone off-course (again).

So read the basic rules/guide and Let Ir Ride!

Max, Foxy One, Buller Rep and The Show That Danceth have given it a crack so far. 
Max is on 'Take 2" having stuffed up during the Cup carnival and started from scratch in Week 2 with an EW bet and reinvested the winnings $42 onto Waitak (only for a Place, chicken-Max that he is) so we have $75 to put on something this weekend.  Mebbe we can get it into several hundy by Xmas...

Taint rocket science ..but you're invited to Let It Ride in the run-up to Xmas/New Year.


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