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Thoughts on Boxing Day


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1.  What a thrill to see a couple of genuine top class racehorses today in Legarto and Wild KNight.  Brings back memories of going to watch horses like Veandercross etc etc.  Let's hope we get a few more NZ races out of them, before they inevitably race in Aus.  Definitely the Karaka Million and maybe the Derby.  Both have big enough stakes to keep top horses here.  Likewise with Levante. 

2.  Classy looking 2 year old in Tokyo Tycoon

3.  At least you get your money's worth with Warren Kennedy on, and unlike Bosson, does not yet seem to attract the Opie zombies to crash the price.  Defibrillate, Habana, Uderzo

4.  How stupid are punters, allowing the clearly best horse in the race on current performances in Wild KNight, drift out a whole point, and sure enough it won with some conviction

5.  Another year of Boxing Day at Counties, cringe.  I know it is unavoidable, but a non event all the same

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24 minutes ago, barryb said:

How stupid were the punters taking unders on Poly Grey?, known wet tracker on a good 3. To its credit ran a top race.

7 horses in a truck roll incident in Dunedin, must have been at Wingatui?

Heard from creditable source it was Michael Pitman fingers crossed for horses and people. Not a good few weeks in the south 😢

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Monday, 26 December 2022


Horses rescued after truck rolls north of Dunedin

 42 0 


Police redirect traffic on SH1 at Evansdale. PHOTO: Gerard O'Brien
Police redirect traffic on SH1 at Evansdale. PHOTO: Gerard O'Brien


Seven horses have been rescued from a truck which rolled - injuring two people - on Dunedin's Northern Motorway this evening.

Emergency services spent more than two hours working to free the animals after a horse truck rolled on SH1 between near Evansdale at about 6.10pm.

By 9pm all seven horses had been rescued and were all able to stand, a police spokesman said.

He said some of the horses appeared to have minor injuries but the extent was ‘‘yet to be determined’’.

Two people hurt when the truck rolled were taken to hospital by ambulance with moderate injuries, police said in a statement.


"Seven horses are on board and a vet has been called out to assist with their recovery," the statement said.

Working with the vet, emergency services had freed five of the seven horses by 8pm.

All horses removed from the vehicle were harnessed and appeared to be calm.

The road, which had been closed at the scene as both lanes were blocked, was due to reopen to traffic shortly after 9pm.

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On 12/27/2022 at 7:43 AM, ngakonui grass said:

question    Does Rogan Norvall ever get to go to the races or is he confined to mucking out the boxes?

One thing for sure is that since he has been a partner the horses are more consistent. JMO

Consistently bad, good or just average NG lol

A quick look at the stats, show a small lift in performance in the last 2.5 years with Norvall, compared tp 19/20 when he was on his own, and 18/19 with Gavin Parker

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