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Who is your dream team & why? This would be who you would have to run the show.

We can add names to it. Ill start. Southerners can add Southern names. 

D Branch - current CEO Camb - smart savy, understand marketing & what it takes to get young people involved. Creates an environment of a mixed age. Leads the way.

B Litcher - current racing Lincoln farms journo - writes well & isnt afraid to stand up & speak out. 

J Smith - current HRNZ journo - overall good coverage of all industry participants. Writes articles on balance covering the big success stories to the smaller stables to the hobby trainers.

B Reid - current Harness Link journo - Kicks ass always handing out a can of kick ass articles. 

K Blanchard - current ATC Racing Manager - keeps a balance, puts forward good ideas. Understands the way forward. 

P Montgomery - current ATC Finance Manager - be great to see him being able to do his job without anyone looking over his shoulder.

G Bowen - current Chairman Camb - doing a great job.

M O'Brien - ex Blenhiem or Malbough Manager - he makes sense, puts forward good ideas, has a good understanding of industry. His inclusion on my list could be somewhat controversial but Id have him in. 

C McDonald - current marketing HRNZ puts forward new ideas, even if they are somewhat controversial. Isnt afraid of change. Is pleasant & approachable. Her inclusion on my list could also be somewhat controversial, but Id have her in. 

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