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  1. Its Cup Week - You had a runner in the Cup in 2017 Jacks Legend. Could you tell us a bit about his prep for it?  He had three lead up races, for a third, a second and a win, and broke the N.Z.record for 2200 metres when running the second placing. and won the cup trial the week before the cup.
  2. What were his qualities strengths?  He was just one of those horses that may come along once in a lifetime, that ticks all the boxes, with ability, and temperament.
  3. Were connections aware from an early age that he would become a Cup horse?  From past experiences, you know when you have a good horse, and from there it is taking each step up. Some horses do, some do not, and that is the intriguing thing about this sport. He became a cup possibility through racing in the Derbies, where unplaced, but did run with credit, albeit with not a lot of luck.
  4. How were emotions running on the day?  My emotions were running very high on the day, for very sad reasons, I had lost my wife four months before, and the emptiness of not being able to share this once in a lifetime event, I can't describe.
  5. How were emotions after the race & running 2nd?  The emotions were one of great satisfaction, and knowing he had given his all.
  6. What advice would you give to connections the day before the Big Day for those that have a runner for the 1st time in either the Cup or on Cup day?  Go to Christchurch at least a day earlier, and have the morning to get yourself prepared for the day. Something that I would share is, try to think of the day, and the race, if you have a cup runner, as it is just another race with a bigger stake.
  7. Was there any drama that happened thru his career?  Sickness, by the way of a virus, was the only setback.
  8. Why did the syndicate decide to sell Jack Legend?  The virus that he had at a back end of his 4 year old year, knocked him, and while still competitive, he was a length or below what he had been after that, and it was decided that his best chance to continue racing was in the U.S. He is still there, and winning in around the1.50 for the mile.
  9. He won a G1 Jewels, could you tell us a bit about that? From any angle you chose. What do you recollect the most about it?  Once again, on the sad side, my wife was close to death, but she was adamant that I go. It was a day where most thought the Allstars would win the race. and a plan was hatched to surprise the opposition, by blasting out of the mobile, catching them by surprise, which he did. After 300 metres, he secured the trail behind Ulimate Machete, and didn't use the passing lane when it was available at the 250 metres, but waited until the150 metres, and pounced, Ultimate Machete, responded, but it was too late, we had won.
  10. You are an owner of the Millions runner, galloper, could you tell us a wee bit about that?  Yes, was actually in a syndicate that won the Karaka Million last year, with a horse called Cool Aza Beel. He went on to be crowned  2 year old of the year last season.
  11. Who is your all time fav horse you have owned? This might sound corny, but they are all favourites, and through each one, I have met so many wonderful people, and made lifelong connections.
  12. What got you into horses & Harness? I used to go to the races with my father as a youngster, and would pick up tickets, and empty soft drink bottles, which in those days, you got a small refund for returning empty bottles.
  13. What advice would you give to a newbie, owner?  Do your study on what trainers that you see with horses at the races, and if there is something about their horses that stand out. Never be afraid to approach anyone, regardless of how you might perceive their status. The only silly question is the one you don't ask.
  14. What do you look for when you select a horse to go into?  I don't look for anything. I leave it up to the people who know more than me. On the harness side, Barry Purdon, and the thoroughbred side, David Ellis.
  15. How often to you speak with or hear from your trainer - could be by email, ph, text, newsletter etc? On the Harness side, we get regular updates from our syndicate manager, including a monthly financial statement. On the Thoroughbred side, when your horse is training you get an email directly from the trainer, Jamie Richards, complete with video, and audio messages at times.
  16. Of your current horses which are you the most excited about? Ultimate Missile, I do rate him as an above average horse, and if he can take the steps up, it is all in the future.
  17. How often do you get to see them? Before lockdown, I would regularly travel from Matamata to the trials at Pukekohe, and to Alexandra Park on race night.
  18. How many times over have you watched a horse of your win replaying the video etc?   I couldn't put a number on it, having been lucky to win lots of races over the years, but it is heaps!!!

(Picture is Double R with Jack's Legend on Jewels day 2017. It is a very good horsey photo, as Jack's Legend looks like he is laughing, maybe after being told what the plan for the race was).


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