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    • Graeme(BROWN FOX) this weekend, good luck.  PM me your bank account details Graeme. Still waiting on a few to make payments. I will send out separate PM's after this weekend to those people Thanks  
    • For The Crusaders. Race 1: 1,7. Race 2: 1,3. Race 3: 1,3. Race 4: 3,4, Race 5: 5,9. (Best Bet) Race 6: 7,8. Race 7: 2,8. Race 8: 1,2. Race 9: 3,15. Race10:4,5. (Best Bet)
    • Thank you very much for offering to score again this coming Saturday, John.  ✔️ You do an absolutely brilliant job. Always. My lack of technical "nouse" means I always struggle when I do the scoring, though I'm always happy to give it a go. I'm relieved to see you stepping up again. Many thanks, John, a sentiment I'm sure is shared by everyone. Let the games begin ! 😊
    • Big individual clash on Saturday of the 'titans' of the comp to date - Roland (Mighty Blues) v Maurice (Ferdies) These are some of Roland's resounding successes in recent rounds :-                                                                                                                                                   Win Div. Round 2                 :         Trentham                               The Mitigator                    $ 28.70              (doubled for BB) Round 3                           Ellerslie                                   Its Destinys Child            $ 13.50  Round 4                           Wingatui                                 Killarney                            $ 10.40              (doubled for BB) Round 5                           Te Rapa                                  Tiptronic                            $ 15.10              (doubled for BB) Round 6                           Ellerslie                                   The Rebel Knight             $ 23.60        Round 6                           Flemington                             Gytrash                             $ 17.50            
    • Agree entirely Peter. Ironically this is at the heart of the tension. One team thinks “team game” means chatting to each other and sharing thoughts/tips, while one individual thinks “team game” means unilateral decision making and no correspondence should be entered into 🙂 All adds a bit of interest to the comp. Happy to score again on Saturday if no other takers.  
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