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    • Haha yeah some of the dumbarse Tassie license holders decided to have a gang family melee in the car=park after the harness awards dinner. some got warned off in the end out of the Ford, Hillier and Hodges families who were all from main Tassie stables . I was told it was something to do with a racing incident (or three) and not because who got an award and who didn't lol.... geeez... some people have such poor brainpower. fight in the carpark lol. 😆😂. must of been watching 'The Good, the Bad and the Ugly' shootout on tele or something 🤣   here's an extract from the appeal. it is a laughathon reading the whole thing. 1. Around midnight on 18 October 2015 in the wake of the annual Harness Racing Awards dinner at Wrest Point Casino, Tyler Ford, a club official, assaulted Rohan Hillier by punching him to the head on the dance floor of the Onyx Bar. 2. The assault was unprovoked. The exact reasons for it remain unknown. Immediately after Rohan Hillier was struck, Grant Hodges, a friend and colleague of Mr Rohan Hillier, intervened and struck Tyler Ford to the head with a right clenched fist. A melee ensued with many other persons involved. Notably, Nathan Ford intervened by running into the melee only to be restrained by a Parish who grappled with Nathan Ford, placed him in a headlock, and, ultimately, wrestled him away from the scene. 3. Security from Wrest Point also intervened by restraining Tyler Ford and Nathan Ford and ejecting them and two other persons from the Casino. Shortly afterwards, Rohan Hillier and his brother Troy Hillier (who made his way down from his room at the Casino after being telephoned by one of his brother’s colleagues) and another two men assembled themselves in the Casino before going in search of the Fords in the car parks of the Casino. 4. The two groups of men found each other at the bottom car park of the Casino near the back of the Caltex Service Station on Sandy Bay Road. By this time, around 1.00am, the Police had been called and arrived to observe two groups of males on Drysdale P 
    • Check this latest out Race Place Folk, eff he is good. This was him 2 months ago & him live, what a voice M James. He needs to change his get up as mentioned (his pants here). His voice is soooo good. Listen to the whole thing. (Japan - latest single)  
    • Here No Fixed Abode ha, an oldie but a goodie of his. Always thought he could be NZs next big international music star. Really rate his voice. Very good live. Just needs to change his get-up, & get new better LA style music videos & take his hook in chorus up a notch & he will be on a big winner. Congrats again Cambridge Raceway for scoring him for your big gig.     
    • Another great song from the 70’s, wish I had that time again.  
    • Heaven used to be in the big stand, jugs on the leaner, head out the back for a pie or chips from the van, see countless people one knew on the way in the various parts of the stand or even coming out of the toilets. Then, out and up the concrete steps to watch the race with the horses running past well before the winning post. One always used to know if you were going to win halfway down the straight.
    • Also like this 1 the beat & tune M James, released a couple years ago. Sunday Mornings. 
    • M James when he was 23, is now 27. Like this song & his voice.
    • Found out more info & M James will be playing at the After Party for The Race. So clearly targeting the younger people. All the grandmas & grandpas will be all tucked up in bed. Some info re M James, an NZ singer/song writer, who won MTV Eupore Music Awards for Best NZ Act, was nom-ed Vodafone NZ Music Best Single of Year & also another year NZ Best Artist of Year etc. He opened for E Sheeran when E Sheeran played NZ. My fav songs he sings are 21 & Sunday Mornings & Bright Blue Skies. He also launched a mental health campaign after the death of a close mate of his to suicide.
    • Not everyone's cup of tea, but a very talented mob were the Cowsills https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Yz3Lydk2Isw
    • Apropos of nothing I just wanted to share this as a proud dad. My daughter Ceilidh who is an equine geneticist at the Racing Australia Equine Genetics Research Centre here in the Hunter Valley had some success to celebrate 10 days ago when Fashion legend won the $2m Magic Millions Gold Coast Guineas as she had spent a lot of time working with the horse in his younger days. Here's the Facebook post and Will Freedman's acknowledgement of her work with the horse. Thrown in a pic of said daughter at Royal Ascot last year - lucky thing
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