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    • Just looking at Addington tonight Karrots. can't answer the exact 40 + question but can look at the other end of the scale , where we were commenting on how the juniors need to get the drives to help them with motivation (and therefore harness racing future )  The news is good ! the South island Trainers really getting behind them and the Juniors won 7 of the 10 races tonight . (there weren't any in race 1 ) Professional reinsmen Blair and Tim won the other 2 races.  Carter D with 3 wins, Max Hill, Gemma T with 2, Jack harrington all in first place , and several more placings with the like of Wilson H, Sarah O , Sam Thornley and Kerryn T as well all near the money. Think the future looks pretty bright  🌞 ! ! the youngsters proving more than capable of running with the oldies lol 😉
    • Thanks Robert. It is way too precious and steeped in NZ trotting History to get rid of. Those ATC wankers need a bullet.
    • Looking at that score you are closer to the exit than the entry mate. 
    • I live on the west side of the river, well away from the Uni & other loons/bogans. Very happy to catch up with ya at TR in Sept, keep in touch & I might even sneak you into the members for a chardy or 5.
    • Not at all Barry! The boginsville list is long from North to  South, I just chose to randamly use one near the top of the list I am familiar  with. I'm  sure you live on the right side of the  river Barry, so no need for concern. I will refrain in the future from taking the easy out😉.I'm  back in September for a flying visit, hoping there might be a TR meeting, what say thee?
    • And I have been out mowing my lawns so much, after race 1, I need a new mower. Give a Little page needed
    • Thanks Craig. Sorry it worked out that way. I'm sure you'll be back sooner rather than later.
    • That old boy could do anything . whata gem he was.  here's a photo at Elwick . Track surfaces were quite 'heavy' for a lot of years so may of suited those not dragging a cart through it a lot better at times. Here's some Pacers combined  in one race at the post in one of my old photo's . think it was a great uncle winning on this occasion lol 😆 but we're all related in Tas anyway  😂 . 
    • Bugger, forgot to post my picks .. Not to worry out after the 2nd again. The medieval torture continues. 
    • Well I'm Off to the Championship for hopefully not 12 years!! All the best to those whose team will play premier league next year. Well done Pete your team was grand and European Football as well.
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