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  1. How were you introduced to Harness?  My father trained 1 or 2 horses, myself and my brother helped out.  Later on we got more serious, had a bit of success and ended up training up to 10 at a time.
  2. What is your fondest memory re Harness? Probably training a Trifecta at Manawatu.
  3. Do you have a favourite horse? Il Campione
  4. How is your wee Vincent coming along any particular thing you have noticed?  Not broken in as yet, magnificent type on looks.
  5. How many times have you watched a horse of yours win on video or instant replay You Tube? Very few, if any.
  6. Overall your dealing you had the industries best interest at heart & you were doing nothing different to what HRNZ were doing. Is this statement true, false or some what true? Somewhat true. I was pleased to be helping harness, but at the same time I wasn't completely altruistic. I did have a good time travelling and racing horses for a few years.
  7. Are there any perks to your current job? Just being able to work from home, come and go as I please....as long as I have the work phone with me.  Having a Boss who leaves you to it suits me, as I don't enjoy sharing decisions with others.
  8. Regarding your current role, you must interact with many within the industry in the North. What is the feeling vibe you feel from them overall? Positive, worried, enthusiastic, hopeful, concern, frustration or any other? North Island a bit defeatist I'd say, very worried about the ATC and the losses they have made from property development. Quite sad really, I have fond memories of racing at Alexandra Park, they were very welcoming.  I'm not offering anything new, the lack of numbers and the cost of training land are huge hurdles.
  9. Is there something that you feel you have learnt from a past experience that you feel was a really good lesson? Yes, never talk on the phone, never send texts, faxes or emails.
  10. Would you recommend someone getting into the industry? If yes why, if no why? Too wide a question, depends if they are getting into it to be successful or for the fellowship with mates. Depends if they want a small fortune, if they do they should start with a large one.
  11. What would you say are some of the benefits of being involved and what are some of the risks? Getting a good horse makes up for a lot of poor ones (bit like punting). There's no financial risk if you are living within your means, I mean having a boat can be expensive too. Depends on what you enjoy spending your money on.
  12. Recall a post you mentioned that a lot of people were friends or wanted to know you thru the good times & gone thru the bad times. Do you feel comfortable naming or giving the initials of 1 of those people that remained during the bad times? Still have a lot of good friends such as Tony Shaw, Malcolm Shinn, Jim Curtin, Robbie and Carla Holmes all of whom were great in their own way over the last 5 years. Theres 100's of others who weren't close friends who were also great. There's a handful that I no longer associate with.
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