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UK selection and results for Thursday 15/12/22

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MEETINGS: Southwell, and Chelmsford City

All selections to win for 0.5pt only

Southwell Race 1    7. Sugar Hill Babe
Southwell Race 1    9. Lucy Lightfoot
Southwell Race 2    5. Another Angel
Southwell Race 2    13. Littlemissattitude
Southwell Race 3    2. Liberated Lad
Southwell Race 3    3. Capla Blue
Southwell Race 4    10. Freewheelin
Southwell Race 4    11. Reset Button
Southwell Race 5    1. Havana By The Sea
Southwell Race 5    4. Rocking Ends
Southwell Race 6    2. Motagally
Southwell Race 6    4. Embour
Southwell Race 7    3. Teruntum Star
Southwell Race 7    5. Claim The Stars
Chelmsford City Race 3    1. Kingsley Pride
Chelmsford City Race 3    3. Look Back Smiling
Chelmsford City Race 4    2. Diamond Ranger
Chelmsford City Race 4    6. Humanitarian
Chelmsford City Race 5    2. Pons Aelius
Chelmsford City Race 5    5. Zestful
Chelmsford City Race 6    2. Spirit Of Light
Chelmsford City Race 6    5. Papa Stour
Chelmsford City Race 7    1. Old News
Chelmsford City Race 7    7. Deep Sigh

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UK selection results for Thursday 15/12/22

Southwell Race 1    7. Sugar Hill Babe (2ND)
Southwell Race 4    11. Reset Button (NR)
Southwell Race 5    1. Havana By The Sea (3RD)
Southwell Race 5    4. Rocking Ends (WINNER @ 7.69)
Southwell Race 7    5. Claim The Stars (3RD)

1 winner, 3 placings, and 1 non-runner from 14 selections remembering that the Chelmsford City meeting was abandoned.

Starting balance 26/03/2022 – 200pts


Going to reset my betting bank for tonight's racing onwards to 200pts and take away the 400pt profit to date. Will take a short break over the Christmas/New Year's period while Jen and I travel back to New Zealand next Friday.

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