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    When is Comp not a Comp? When it comes out of Maxi’s head and profits go to good causes!

    This is a fun idea for charity as we approach the festive season. It’s a variation of the ‘Let It Ride’ promo on TV's 'Get On'. Max has made the rules, which may or may not suit you. If you don’t like them, don’t enter. Max will be entering just for the hell of it – and hopefully to make money for his designated charity. The amount you earn through your own skill/luck/genius goes to your designated charity.


    1 Starts this Sat 12 November for 8 consecutive weeks. Ends Mon 1 January 2023. You can enter at any time.

    2 There are 8 designated race meetings, 1 each weekend, all Premier gallops. Note: You don’t have to bet on the feature race; choose any race at that meeting.

    3 Your initial stake is any amount you decide - minimum $10, maximum $100.

    4 You select 1 horse at Fixed Odds (Win/Place or EW) and place the bet using your own TAB account.

    5 You post the placed bet on this thread (preferably a Screenshot, before the race starts!) so we can all cheer it on to glorious victory.

    6 You declare your designated charity when you post the initial bet.

    7 If your bet is a winner in Week 1, you must reinvest it all the following week – ie “let it ride” on the same basis.

    8 You keep winning and reinvesting until you lose (unlikely, I know!)

    9 If you lose, you can start again the following week, or not. It’s your money, your call.

    10 Whoever makes the most money for charity wins their initial stake back  paid out by Max, not the TAB. The rest goes to the stated charities.



    Week 1: Sat 12 Nov         Riccarton (1000 Guineas)

    Week 2: Sat 19 Nov         Pukekohe (Akl Breeders Stks)

    Week 3: Sat 26 Nov         Te Rapa (Eagle Stks)

    Week 4: Sat 3 Dec           Trentham (Capt Cook Stks)

    Week 5: Sat 10 Dec         Te Rapa (Cal Isuzu Stks)

    Week 6: Sat 17 Dec         Awapuni (Manawatu Challenge Stks)

    Week 7: Mon 26 Dec       Pukekohe (Zabeel Classic)

    Week 8: Mon 1 Jan ’23  Te Rapa (Sistema Railway)


    Max will post his initial bet later today after carefully viewing the FO market for Riccarton. Remember that with the extended Bonus Back offer(s), a clever punter can pick one of those Bonus Back races and get money back if you run 2nd 3rd 4th or even 5th).

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