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As I mentioned to Hesi. Reading another site can be quite entertaining. Unless you are just reading posts from one person nearly all the time.

How's it going chief?

In the last month, he has posted over 500 times himself. If you look at the site stats, he is what is making things look active - people disagreeing with him in the main. 500 posts in a month where the current poster with a high number of posts at 4000 is Thomas - over the space of nearly 3 years (100 odd per month). And we all know what Thomas is like. Yet the chief is at 5 times that level!

He's desperate. And he is driving people away. Not to mention the content outside of his posts, another 9000 content contributions to the site in a month. Must be desperate for some more subscriptions/advertising revenue.

And in my opinion - he's actually quite thick.

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