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  1. In fact, the data suggests our bottom level should be around 1/3rd of our top level. If the top is 100k, the bottom is 30k. Probably unaffordable - so make the bottom 20k and the top about 70-80k (maybe a few Group 2s or Group 3.) No Group 1s, none of the races are Group one level on an international assessment. Reduce the number of races to around 2000 and look to use NZ as a nursery to better jurisdictions (it is now anyway).
  2. If higher stakes are aimed at improving horse retention, then that should be the goal. (unlikely to work based on past experience) I don't have any current evidence re stakes increasing turnover - as since the shift has happened to fixed odds, there is no information about the revenue generation of the individual events. But on the basis, that the tote was indicative of interest in times gone by, then the returns from higher stake events is so far out of proportion to lower stake events, it is not funny. Here is what things were like a number of years ago when tote was still ahead of fixed odds betting. Make your own mind up. (The pools are total including exotics and are including comingled totals with Vic). from an average stake 0f 7.5k, when you multiplied the stake by 10, the pool tripled. But the gross revenue went from double the stake to just over half the stake. So from a gross revenue perspective, you went from being ahead to being well behind. (This paints a better picture than actual - since the gross shown is inclusive of the Vic TAB betting which was around 45-50% of the total - and NZ TAB did not receive the commission on that betting, but a small fee on turnover). If you do the same exercise for Australian races, the pool/stake column stays the same at all levels, because the stake reflects the interest from a punting perspective. That is not the case here and has become worse with the advent of tiered racing.
  3. You need to look across the board so I agree with targeting all audiences.
  4. If I was in charge, I would remove commingling. I would restrict the number of offshore events to around 30 - 40 per week. I would reduce the takeout rates on tote in an attempt to entice people back to the tote. And I would introduce minimum bet levels for customers on fixed odds. Along with promoting NZ racing nearly 100%. That would lose heaps of customers to offshore providers. But I have to start somewhere, and you know what they say about doing the same thing and expecting a different result.
  5. Not a catch 22 at all. Designed by management. They changed the playing field, and now they're stuck with it. The decisions made caused this. Before the decisions, there was no problem (and actually, more revenue when you factor in the levy rates etc between now and 15 years ago). They took decisions believing something that was not correct. That failed. Here we are. When it started failing, they pushed harder in the same direction. Increasing the failure rate. Too big an ego to admit their mistake. So compounded it by beating their chests and claiming how good everything was going.
  6. Yes, sad for all involved. Him and Gold trip added some spark to the race in my view - now both out.
  7. Racing is not strong here due to the actions of management, pushing everything except NZ racing under some misguided view that the revenues available through offshore racing will ensure local racing success. There is more interest in racing among NZ people now (money wise), than there was 15 years ago. Sadly, management have pushed that interest away from local racing.
  8. They've had ample opportunity. The 90% target is a bad joke. I expect I'll see the results of that bad joke at the next election.
  9. They've been fed some bullshit from a guy that doesn't understand grassroots racing. Look at the number of clubs/tracks in Queensland. Same population as NZ, heaps of clubs. We're in the process of losing grass roots interest in racing.
  10. yes, but it doesn't change the minds of those that don't wish to be vaccinated.
  11. They do need to be addressed. But by track consolidation, how does that make those regions feel inclusive of racing? The myriad of tracks is not the problem, it's the desire to strangle those clubs with having to run races for no stakes, giving prestige club, all the money. Quite simply, they're fuckwits.
  12. And if you look at the current Cox Plate market, our top horse is currently at $13s for a place in a 9 horse field, after being odds on in Group 1 recently. He might do better than that, but that's where they see the 'quality'
  13. My opinion is that high end stakes doesn't improve racing quality, low end stakes does. It takes time to get to a high level, and if you race for little more than a months fees to win a race, you won't retain the horses for the time when the stakes are higher. Aus metro races for high stakes at low level/rating races. And provincial also races for decent stakes at low levels, similar to high rating races. And quality racing requires trust in the surface from the spectators (and borne out by the racing). It's not quality if horses aren't afforded a chance if the track denies that. Would the all blacks be any good if the grass roots rugby was shit and everyone aspired to be an all black - and had to play years of shit rugby to get there?
  14. What part of it made you feel that quality of racing would improve?
  15. You'd love this then Hesi (I haven't checked any accuracy on this). And it doesn't break it down by aspects that may be important. Supposedly as at a week ago. (I understand Vic was at 64% fully vaxed a week ago! which differs - so is this just more problematic 'information'
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