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1. What is your biggest punt win?  $9,500.00

2. Who is your fav horse, could be a horse of yours or another horse & why? Lord Module and for TB's Frankel.

3. How many times have you watched a replay of 1 of your horses win on You Tube or old video cassette? A dozen times.

4. Was your wife into Harness also? No

5. What is a memorable experience in Harness or most vivid memory? Winning the $9,500 and helping out a young trainer whose vehicle had broken down going to Ashburton races. He has never forgotten my act of kindness to get his horses to the track.

6. You have owned a few, are you still an owner if so why, if not why? Not currently but things change quickly if im offered a decent proposition. Always been a seller when the price is right.

7. You have also driven & ridden a few, did you ever have any scary moments, if so are you able to share? A broken rein was the scariest moment on a galloper. I was also not impressed riding rearers - hated getting dumped.

8. What is it you love about Harness? Horses.

9. What is something you would advise to a new owner, any tips do’s or dont’s? Find a trainer with a good UDR and never listen to anybody else but him. Who hasn't been told at a pub or at races that the trainer should be doing this that and the next thing with YOUR horse.

10. Did you used to put in long hours or was it part time? Do you have a fun story to share? Could be a mis-adventure or got lost on way to races or something similar? Long hours are just the norm and if not you and the trainer are not doing your job properly.  Funniest thing I ever saw was a young junior who was supposed to be grounded took off into town on the tractor.  Word soon got back to the boss and yep he got another month.

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