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1.  How long have you been involved in industry? 

Been punter going on 18 years, might be odd occasion before that, when parent put odd bet on for me. Plus was member of a couple of Racing Clubs. Use to post on a couple of Racing sites. Then we man from West Coast did not like me. So got me bullied off, one due to legal threats. Truth can hurt some people. Funny thing is, know some people very close to him these days.

2.  How are you involved in the industry? Punter mainly. But my great uncle owned & breed some very good Group One Harness horses. Plus, other side of my family use sponsor a   gallops race for a number years on top.

3.  You are into both Harness & Gallops could you tell us about somethings you enjoy about both? Good & bad. Find gallops easy to punt on & like challenge of Harness Racing.

4.  Your Great Uncle had a few good horses, could you talk us thru 1 or 2 of them? 

Great Uncle owned in partnership, Excelsa that won the Easter Cup & placed in NZ Cup ahead of horses like Caduceus and Tactician. Later breed from Excelsa, she produced Alanta that run in two Inter dominion Trotting finals that are considered some of best field assembled for it. Plus, Excelsa also produced Valencia  open class mare & Alanta also breed Lord Shreik sired many in Aussie including some more group one winners there.

5.  Do you know how your Great Uncle got into the industry?  Are you the final 1 from your family bloodline to be into the horses or are there others? Great Uncle liked it overall & could afford it. Use spend best on his horses & why got the results. Two of my cousins are involved in industry. One works in harness industry training couple & works in major stable. Other use to train & break in horses. He just does shoeing these days now.

6.  What is your biggest win on the punt? 5k.

7.  What is your fav track, Gallops & Harness? Flemington & Addington.

8.  If you have been an owner, or you could include your Great Uncles horses - how many times via You Tube or video cassette have you watched a winning run? 20.

9. What is your most vivid memory in industry? As a young man growing up those million dollar pick sixs from back in a day.

10. Whats a sad moment? Watching horse get impaled on a fence at Waterlea gallops a few years back.

11. A happy moment? When Fields Omagh won 2003 Cox Plate & put a good bet on him to win. When the box first opened at 60-1.

12. You won a couple of the fun comps I ran - see you have just entered the latest comp on this site - know you have been quite busy with study & working lately - how much time has that given to into punting or selections comps lately (your hobby)? If going to punt might be hour. If for a Saturday want some bets on, 2-5 hours.

13.  What is something we don’t know about you that might be different or unsuspecting? 

Have three letters after my name & soon be four.  That can seriously drive people up the wall. Very good friends with members of the media, Jounalists & their owners. Plus, some senior lawyers in New Zealand & Australia partnership level.  Also involved in Politics for number years and made close enough to the top, want. Also do Business consultancy work, Business plans & Administration work. Since got Bachelor of Business studies in Finance.

14. Have you watched the movie Phar Lap? Yes

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1 hour ago, karrotsishere said:

Many thanks for participating GOS.

Your a hoot sometimes. The Darkhorse in you comes out again - 4 letters after name, nice 😀

Thanks all that Karrotishere, truth got come out at some point. People been underestimating me for years.😘 A few found out hard way.

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