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UK selections and results for Sunday 10/04/2022

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MEETING: Curragh

All selections to win only for 0.50pt. 

Curragh Race 1    2. Drunk In Love
Curragh Race 1    3. Fairfield Girl
Curragh Race 2    4. Hokusai
Curragh Race 2    11. Shartrash
Curragh Race 3    4. Excel Rocket
Curragh Race 3    18. Susies Sapphire
Curragh Race 4    2. Bear Story
Curragh Race 4    5. Georgeville
Curragh Race 5    8. Lustown Baba
Curragh Race 5    11. Strapped
Curragh Race 6    10. Verhoyen
Curragh Race 6    19. Mickey The Steel
Curragh Race 7    7. Poets Cottage
Curragh Race 7    11. Vintage Fame
Curragh Race 8    11. Andromedas Kingdom
Curragh Race 8    20. Markievicz

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UK selection results for Sunday 10/04/22

Curragh Race 1    2. Drunk In Love (2ND)
Curragh Race 1    3. Fairfield Girl (NR)
Curragh Race 2    11. Shartrash (3RD)
Curragh Race 4    2. Bear Story (3RD)
Curragh Race 8    20. Markievicz (3RD)

4 placings and 1 non-runner from 16 selections

Starting balance 26/03/2022 – 200pts

Currently:  - 180.82pts

Will be taking a 2 week break while Jen and I spend the Easter holidays back home in Christchurch with family and friends. Would like to wish you all a; wonderful, enjoyable, and safe Easter.


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