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Race 3 Rangiora Start Debacle

Happy Sunrise

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Someone needs to explain to me how there were no late scratchings.

Valerie Verde looks like it hits it's nose on the gate and breaks before the start, then cleans out a few due to it breaking.

Of course, the stipes dismiss the inquiry. 

First photo shows the moment Valerie Verde broke. Before the candy pole and before the start.

Second photo shows the candy and I presume the start which is the pink pole on the ground, as that is when the mobile sped up and he went 'right'. Valerie Verde is still in a full blown gallop. 

I lost money on treasure trail so I am speaking through my pocket but someone tell me how a horse drawn 1 galloping before the start doesn't constitute a fair start for it and the others it wipes out.

Harness racing is really not worth betting on.



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Fair enough.

Though, it means any variant from normal behaviour which does not affect any other horse does not constitute a false start and said behaviour is irrelevant to other runners.

This could see a horse drawn 5 breaking for a distance in the score up but as long as it doesn't affect anyone it is ok but once the start begins they are at the mercy of the behaviour that was happening before the start of the race. If a trotter on the front row is is misbehaving pre race and then the race starts and gets caught up with a 20m runner it is fine too.

Fair or not? 

Stipes say yes but in my book they are inconsistent.


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