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Tim Williams V Sarah O'Reilly

Happy Sunrise

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Who got lucky? 

Tim Williams let off, Sarah O'Reilly gets 4 days. They look the same to me.

Driver T Williams (FERNLEIGH CASH) defended a charge issued by Stewards under 868(2) alleging that he failed to take all reasonable and permissible measures near the 400m when electing not to shift his drive outwards prior to being covered by STEEL THE SHOW when it was both reasonable and permissible for him to do so. After viewing the replays and hearing evidence from Stewards and Mr Williams, the Adjudicative Committee dismissed the charge.

Junior driver S O'Reilly (assisted by G O'Reilly) admitted a breach of Rule 868(2) in that she failed to take all reasonable and permissible measures to ensure TASMAN TEMPEST was given full opportunity to win or obtain the best possible position and/or finishing place by not shifting wider on the track on the final bend when an opportunity existed resulting in her horse being held up for clear racing room in the run home. After viewing the replays and considering penalty submissions the Adjudicative Committee suspended Miss O'Reilly's driver's licence from the conclusion of racing on 7 July up to and including 17 July 2022 (4 days).






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1 hour ago, Happy Sunrise said:

You are becoming quite the stirrer 🤣

No idea what you mean Happy 🤭

Here you go.


Board member – B Williams

Brent was an Establishment Board member prior to his appoint to the Racing Integrity Board.

24 minutes ago, Purple Parsnip said:

side effect of insomnia ?

Yea tired now. Early bedtime. But not before adding to my Deep South Watch.

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