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Mardy's 4 day Lockdown Comp continues 3 April at TAMWORTH!!! Close off 2.10 pm
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  1. PWJ

    Mega Racing Quiz

    Very good Ian. Who was the stallion ?
  2. PWJ

    Mega Racing Quiz

    Okay here's one for you smartypants: Name this track in the photo. Clue: The granddam of a stallion who has stood at Arrowfield in my time here won at this course.
  3. PWJ

    Covid-19 update

    Just my opinion but I think the Racing Industry here in Oz has taken the right approach. Attempt to keep going while strictly observing all protocols. Sure turnover has taken a hit with pubs, clubs, TABs being shut but immediate stakes reduction in what was already as healthy industry can be sustained. There is no reason whatsoever why the breeding season should be interrupted from an operational standpoint. A reduction in service fees for most stallions will reflect belt tightening due to business downturn among broodmare owners. I fear for the industry in NZ. On the negative side it will take months (3-4) to get horses racing again even when the restrictions are lifted. It will cause many training operations to go under and field sizes will be minuscule (poor betting platforms). On the positive side this might force the government to give the industry the total revamp it was begging for. Ditch RITA on whatever its known as, contract out all betting to some professional corporate (SuperTAB, Ladbrokes etc) and leave the hierachy (trimmed dramatically) to just concentrate on making racing work. We (our company) are lucky this has occurred when we have No.1 status in the breeding business and could afford to withdraw from the Sydney Easter Sales and control our own destiny by selling our desirable product on a private treaty basis. It's worked well for us. Apart from the protocols which are easily observed it has worked well with regard to practical operations on the farm. Theoretically the heavy-handed approach NZ has taken to the virus should see them come out of it sooner than many other countries although their borders will need to be vigilantly managed. The fiscal cost though could be staggering and take many years to recover from. But everyone is pretty much in the same boat.
  4. PWJ

    Covid-19 update

    I think it will come sooner than many think
  5. Time to get serious... 1-1 2-6 3-2 4-7 5-9 6-10 BB 7-1 8-2 9-12 Thanks Mardy
  6. 1-10 2-12 3-13 4-6 5-15 6-10 7-12 8-3 9-8 BB Thanks Mardy
  7. Gary has the lowest aggregate in the whole comp. The draw Gods have smiled on you at last !
  8. Round 4 - Saturday Apr 4 Good luck everyone and keep safe. Captains need to be vigilant. A few scratched runners were not replaced last week. N.B. Your two best bets can be placed on any two races of your choice since they are all in the same country. Races are: 1. Randwick R1 - 2.10pm - Widden Kindergarten Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1100m, 2yos SWs 2. Randwick R2 - 2.45pm - Quincy Seltzer Carbine Club Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1600m, 3yos SW+Ps 3. Randwick R3 - 3.20pm - Newhaven Park Country Championships Final - $400k, 1400m, SWs 4. Randwick R4 - 3.55pm - TAB Adrian Knox Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 2000m, 3yo fillies qlty hdcp 5. Randwick R5 - 4.35pm - Schweppes Chairman's Quality (Gr2) - $300k, 2600m, qlty hdcp 6. Randwick R6 - 5.15pm - Inglis Sires' (Gr1) - $500k, 1400m, 2yos SWs 7. Randwick R7 - 5.55pm - Bentley Australian Derby (Gr1) - $1m, 2400m, 3yo SWs 8. Randwick R8 - 6.35pm - TAB T J Smith Stks (Gr1) - $1.25m, 1200m, WFA 9. Randwick R9 - 7.15pm - The Star Doncaster Mile (Gr1) - $1.5m, 1600m, hdcp 10. Randwick R10 - 7.50pm - De Bortoli Wines P J Bell Stks (Gr3) - $200k, 1200m, 3yo fillies SW+Ps HALL OF FAME (2nd) vs FIVE-OH (1st) Jamison (1/2-656.80/652.80) v The Crucible (2/1-766.40/335.80) Ian (2/1-683.80/800.80) v Punter Pete (2/1-752.80/689.80) Midnight C (2/1-750.20/890.80) v Moose (2/1-605.80/337.20) Robert (2/1-636.20/258.80) v John (3/0-622.40/384.20) Stevie N (2/1-614.60/423.80) v Virgil (1/2-772.60/869.20) MUCH TOO FAST (5th) vs ROLAND'S ROUGHNECKS (4th) Zac (1/2-533.80/555.80) v Jen (1/2-419.80/470.60) Howie (1/2-586.80/810.40) v Gordy (2/1-1105.80/483.80) Craig (0/3-459.80/827.00) v Pam (2/1-520.00/783.60) Ashoka (2/1-1196.60/1018.80) v Roland (1/2-219.00/378.60) Rex (2/1-724.20/379.80) v Gee (2/1-560.00/457.60) THE TIGERS (8th) vs MAXIMILLIONS (3rd) Maurice (1/2-737.60/624.80) v Graeme (3/0-625.60/351.80) Sharne (1/2-322.60/583.80) v Rob (1/2-646.80/586.80) PJ (2/1-594.20/476.00) v Georgy Boy (2/1-1037.00/542.80) Tom (0/3-222.80/928.60) v Heather (3/0-357.60/137.80) Jill (1/2-712.80/723.20) v Max (2/1-752.00/558.20) COVID-Y (6th) vs THE JAMES GANG (7th) Rocky (2/1-404.80/347.00) v Blind Squirrel (1/2-608.80/778.00) Porky (1/2-655.80/607.40) v Hesi (0/3-623.80/948.00) Ray (2/1-420.80/394.60) v Steve P (2/1-482.80/162.60) Ziggy (2/1-400.80/485.40) v Jack (1/2-405.40/584.60) Gary (0/3-174.80/796.40) v Pete (0/3-503.80/1551.80) THE MAGNIFICENT SEVEN 1196.60 Ashoka (Much Too Fast) 1105.80 Gordy (Roland's Roughnecks) 1037.00 Georgy Boy (Maximillions) 772.60 Virgil (Five-Oh) 766.40 The Crucible (Five-Oh) 752.80 Punter Pete (Five-Oh) 752.00 Max (Maximillions) THE SERENDIPITOUS SIX (those with the least $$ scored against them) Rocky (2/1-347.00) (Covid-Y) Moose (2/1-337.20) (Five-Oh) The Crucible (2/1-335.80) (Five-Oh) Robert (2/1-258.80) (Hall of Fame) Steve P (2/1-162.60) (James Gang) Heather (3/0-137.80) (Maximillions) THE UNFORTUNATE FIVE (those with the most $$ scored against them) Midnight C (2/1-890.80) (Hall of Fame) Tom (0/3-928.60) (The Tigers) Hesi (0/3-948.00) (James Gang) Ashoka (2/1-1018.80) (Much Too Fast) Pete (0/3-1551.80) (James Gang)
  9. sorry didn't check the scratchings R1 now #6 scratched replace with #2
  10. Robert, my apologies for making the change. I am so pleased it didn't turn out badly for you. Just check back in these troubled times before you make your selections post. It's a very rare thing that I change the races but these are tricky times.
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