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  1. ROUND 3 - Sat Jul 18 Meetings will be Te Rapa, Awapuni, Ipswich & (possibly) Morphettville CHIEFS (1st) vs HURRICANES (2nd) Punter Pete v The Crucible Jack v John Ian v Virgil Gee v Hesi Stevie N v Porky CRUSADERS (3rd) vs KAURI KATS (7th) Robert v Max Tom v Jen Craig v Rocky Rob v Graeme Rex v Sharne FERDIES (6th) vs BARBARIANS (5th) Zac v Ziggy Ashoka v Richie Heather v Mardy PJ v Pam Maurice v Moose BLUES (8th) vs TURBOS (4th) Geoff v Rees Howie v Gary Pete v Blind Squirrel Gordy v Ray Roland v Steve P
  2. Apologies Craig, I took that scratching replacement as yours although you did say it was for Tom. Everything adjusted now. You were the narrowest winner today in that case
  3. Best Scores 897.00 Jack 801.60 Virgil 723.00 Roland 356.00 Gee 348.20 RobertWorst Scores 48.00 Zac 48.00 Mardy 36.00 Craig 35.60 Punter Pete 31.00 Rocky Most Wins6 Blind Squirrel 6 Robert 5 Maurice 5 Heather Most Quinellas 3 Robert 2 Richie 2 Pete 2 John Biggest Winning Margin 897.00 Jack (again) 348.20 RobertNarrowest Winning Margin 36.00 Craig 35.60 Punter PeteHighest Losing Score 348.20 RobertLowest Winning Score 36.00 Craig
  4. The Table after Round 2 1st 8 CHIEFS* $3466.60 2nd 6 HURRICANES $2431.00 3rd 6 CRUSADERS* $1594.80 4th 4 TURBOS $1649.80 5th 3 BARBARIANS $1417.80 6th 2 FERDIES $1336.80 7th 1 KAURI KATS $2032.80 8th 0 BLUES $1809.40 * joker played Despite losing the Chiefs remain on top of the ladder while amazingly their conquerors today - the Crusaders - lost a place after the Hurricanes took a bonus point from their win to draw level on points but with a better aggregate. The Turbos hold station in 4th despite going down to the Ferdies whom moved up two spots from the cellar. The Barbarians' victory also elevated them a place while The Kats lost two places in defeat and the Blues one spot. Five rounds to go and six Jokers still to play.
  5. Round 2 - Saturday Jul 11 Race 10 - Sunshine Coast R9 1st - 16 Tullio W-$3.40 2nd - 13 Musical Genius Q-$8.40 Scr: 1,4,6,9,10-12,14,15 2 CHIEFS (1st) $1487.60 2 points 3 CRUSADERS (2nd) $843.80 2 points The Crusaders trailed 1-4 with two races to go but Tullio got up by the barest of noses in the last to get Rob (with a BB) home against Stevie and Rex ahead of Ian to win it for the Cantabs who all found the final winner with Robert and Tom bagging beaut BB quinellas. The Chiefs all missed in the last and although beaten came away with two bonus points for a team profit and higher aggregate. Jack was a very impressive Man of the Match while his unlucky opponent Robert was MVP for the 'Saders. 103.00 Stevie N 116.00 Rob 35.60 Punter Pete 36.00 Craig 96.00 Ian 130.00 Rex 897.00 Jack 348.20 Robert 356.00 Gee 213.60 Tom 2 BLUES (7th) $1224.00 0 points 3 HURRICANES (3rd) $1495.80 3 points Roland and Gordy's big chance to turn the match around - One Stryke - finished hard late but couldn't quite peg back the first two so the Hurricanes held on to win with all of them bar Porky on the winner with TC adding the quinella, Virgil a BB and John a BB quinella which all helped to take the 'Canes past the team profit mark for a bonus point. Pete, with a BB quinella and Howie also with the quinella rounded out the Blues' scoring. Virgil, with a huge tally, was Man of the Match while his opponent Roland was MVP for the Auks. 85.00 Geoff 71.60 Porky 108.00 Gordy 314.60 Hesi 137.20 Pete 185.20 John 170.80 Howie 122.80 The Crucible 723.00 Roland 801.60 Virgil 4 BARBARIANS (6th) $812.80 3 points 1 KAURI KATS (5th) $564.80 0 points The Barbarians had it won before the last where Pam claimed Match Star honours with a BB, pipping Richie. Jen also bagged a BB for the Kats who pulled one back in the last when Sharne landed a beaut BB quinella to finally pull clear of Mardy while Graeme was their MVP. The Barbarians took a bonus point for the 4-1 margin. 48.00 Mardy 149.60 Sharne 120.60 Ziggy 109.00 Max 276.00 Pam 207.20 Graeme 100.00 Moose 31.00 Rocky 268.20 Richie 68.00 Jen 3 FERDIES (8th) $828.60 2 points 2 TURBOS (4th) $904.60 1 point One Stryke was paying too much in the last for the Turbos and Malvern Estate knocked up in the straight so the Ferdies held on for the win with Heather, PJ and a beaut BB quinella from Man of the Match Maurice rounding out their day. Blind Squirrel ended the day with a best bet collect to claim Turbos' MVP honours and ensure his side took a bonus point for a higher aggregate. Well done team. Onwards from here Too good for me today Gary - well done ! 137.00 Ashoka 103.00 Steve P 132.00 PJ 269.00 Gary 48.00 Zac 276.60 Blind Squirrel 305.60 Maurice 160.00 Ray 206.00 Heather 96.00 Rees
  6. Rees just plonks $500 on One Stryke !!!
  7. To win: The Turbos need- Malvern Estate to win for Ray (must pay $4.50+ or Musical Genius complete the Q) OR One Stryke to win for Rees (must pay LESS than $16.00 or Zac will beat Blind Squirrel) The Blues need- One Stryke to win for Roland and Gordy (4-1 win) The Crusaders need- Tullio to win for Rob AND Rex The Kauri Kats can't win
  8. Round 2 - Saturday Jul 11 Race 9 - Sunshine Coast R8 1st - 11 Krone W-$4.80 2nd - 4 Special Missile Q-$12.80 Scr: 1,5,9,10 3 CHIEFS (1st) 1487.60 1 CRUSADERS (2nd) 538.60 Jack is the lone Chief on the Gollan victor while Tom, Rex and Rob reply for the Crusaders who have pulled a little closer with Rex drawing level with Ian. 103.00 Stevie N 48.00 Rob 35.60 Punter Pete 36.00 Craig 96.00 Ian 96.00 Rex 897.00 Jack 246.60 Robert 356.00 Gee 112.00 Tom 2 BLUES (7th) 1071.60 3 HURRICANES (3rd) 1241.40 Howie and Gordy on target for the Blues while Hesi (with a BB) and John reply for the Capital Lads. John has drawn clear of Pete but Howie has done likewise to TC. close finish coming up. John has already won his match. 85.00 Geoff 71.60 Porky 108.00 Gordy 280.60 Hesi 35.60 Pete 83.60 John 120.00 Howie 72.00 The Crucible 723.00 Roland 733.60 Virgil 4 BARBARIANS (6th) 744.80 0 KAURI KATS (5th) 395.20 Max and Sharne score for The Kats but they fall further behind as Pam claims Graeme (by 80 cents !) with Richie (BB), Ziggy and Mardy also on the Glasshouse winner. 48.00 Mardy 48.00 Sharne 120.60 Ziggy 109.00 Max 208.00 Pam 207.20 Graeme 100.00 Moose 31.00 Rocky 268.20 Richie 0.00 Jen 3 FERDIES (8th) 659.00 2 TURBOS (4th) 836.60 Heather, Ashoka and Zac on the Marshall winner for The 'Naki but all the Turbos reply with Gary and Ray bagging BBs. No change overall but another tight finish coming up. 137.00 Ashoka 103.00 Steve P 98.00 PJ 269.00 Gary 48.00 Zac 208.60 Blind Squirrel 204.00 Maurice 160.00 Ray 172.00 Heather 96.00 Rees
  9. The Chiefs go 5-zip clear with Special Missile while River Racer or Outraged help The Crusaders can pull one back with Victory Eight (must pay $10.40+ or Krone complete the Q) while Soxagon or Krone help
  10. The Blues seize the lead with Special Missile or Silent Flyer and draw level with Soxagon while Victor Eight helps The Hurricanes go further ahead with River Racer while Krone helps
  11. The Barbarians helped by Krone or River Racer. The Kauri Kats can draw level with Soxagon or Outraged while Victory Eight or Special Missile help
  12. The Ferdies helped by River Racer The Turbos can take the lead with Soxagon (must pay $3.50+ or Krone complete the Q) and go 4-1 ahead with Victory Eight while Krone helps
  13. Round 2 - Saturday Jul 11 Race 8 - Sunshine Coast R7 1st - 3 Wapiti W-$2.40 2nd - 7 Knight Mariner Q-$5.80 Scr: 4,8,11,12,14 4 CHIEFS (1st) 1439.60 1 CRUSADERS (2nd) 394.60 Robert snags back-to-back quinellas for The Crusaders for whom Rex bags a BB also while Punter Pete (with the Q) and Ian reply for the Cantabs. No change overall. 103.00 Stevie N 0.00 Rob 35.60 Punter Pete 36.00 Craig 96.00 Ian 48.00 Rex 849.00 Jack 246.60 Robert 356.00 Gee 64.00 Tom 1 BLUES (7th) 975.60 2 HURRICANES (3rd) 1097.40 The winning fave tipped by all bar TC and Blues duo Howie and Roland with Pete, Virgil, Hesi & Porky all snagging the quinella. Virgil has overhauled Roland to swing the match back in favour of The Hurricanes. John and Pete's match will be decided by Pete's Soxagon vs John's Krone in the next. 85.00 Geoff 71.60 Porky 60.00 Gordy 184.60 Hesi 35.60 Pete 35.60 John 72.00 Howie 72.00 The Crucible 723.00 Roland 733.60 Virgil 3 BARBARIANS (6th) 504.80 1 KAURI KATS (5th) 299.20 Richie snags a quinella on his own for The Barbarians but Graeme bags a beaut BB quinella to pass Pam and pull one back for the Kauri Kats. 0.00 Mardy 0.00 Sharne 72.60 Ziggy 61.00 Max 160.00 Pam 207.20 Graeme 100.00 Moose 31.00 Rocky 172.20 Richie 0.00 Jen 3 FERDIES (8th) 515.00 2 TURBOS (4th) 500.60 Heather and Maurice on the local Guineas winner for The 'Naki but all the Turbos bar Ray reply with Blind Squirrel adding the Q. No change overall. 89.00 Ashoka 55.00 Steve P 98.00 PJ 173.00 Gary 0.00 Zac 160.60 Blind Squirrel 204.00 Maurice 64.00 Ray 124.00 Heather 48.00 Rees
  14. The Chiefs go 5-zip clear with Knight Mariner The Crusaders can pull one back with Smart Meteor or Vendidit
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