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  1. Disco doesn't get any more camp than this....containing the immortal line "my chiffon is wet darling, my chiffon is wet...." Disco Tex and the Sex-O-Lettes - Get Dancing
  2. A catchy little Kiwi tune... Ticket - Mountain High
  3. Going to sort of deviate here with the follow-on being the line ....just 7 miles to Maryannne... Can't ever listen to this song without shedding a tear... The Blizzard - Jim Reeves
  4. Silly Stat: Hesi's matches thus far feature an average score of $585 between him and his opponent..... Alan's head-to-heads are all action it seems....
  5. Three Seagulls in the Magnificent Seven while their two remaining team mates populate the Serendipitous Six - The 'Gulls are nailing it ! Max will have plenty of "neutrals" cheering for his side this week......
  6. Jigsaw - Sky High From 1975, big flares, platforms and a rare singing drummer...
  7. Another track from the little known Pink Floyd album La Vallee (1972) Obscured By Clouds
  8. ROUND 9 - Saturday May 8 Selections Close off at 11.50am (NZ time) Four meetings this week. Some insurance against abandonments. Good luck everyone ! Races are: 1. Te Rapa R3 - 12.20pm - SVS Starting Gates 1200 - $22k, 1200m, R65 BM 2. Riccarton R4 - 1.15pm - Angus Meats Great Autumn Hdcp - $32k, 2500m, open hdcp 3. Te Rapa R6 - 2.04pm - Metrowaste Mile - $32k, 1600m, open hdcp 4. Te Rapa R7 - 2.38pm - Waikato Veterinary Centre 2YO Stks (LR) - $50k, 1100m, 2yos SWs 5. Riccarton R8 - 3.30pm - Daphne Bannan Mem. Great Easter Stks (LR) - $50k, 1400m, op
  9. Dionne Warwick - Do You Know the Way To San Jose
  10. Paul Weller - That's Entertainment (Feat Noel Gallagher)
  11. A forgotten easy-listening hit of the romantic 70s... Peter McCann - Do you wanna make love ?
  12. ROUND 9 Draw - Sat May 8 Meetings will be Riccarton, Te Rapa, Morphettville & Gold Coast SEAGULLS (1st) vs MAXIS (4th) Hesi v Graeme Steve P v Blind Squirrel Pete v Pam Sharne v Max Maurice v Rob BARELLAN (2nd) vs RAMONES (5th) Tom v Gee Craig v Jason Geoff v Dino Howie v Rees Punter Pete v Richie SHOWTIME (7th) vs ARDERN UP (6th) Gary v Ray Maria v Stevie N Heather v Zac Gordy v Ian Porky v Ziggy BYE - ESCAPISTS (3rd) Jen Roland Jack Rex PJ
  13. STATS Best Scores 560.40 Dino 491.40 Gee 425.20 Maurice408.00 Porky363.20 PeteWorst Scores 40.00 Ray 24.00 Jen 0.00 Max 0.00 Ziggy 0.00 Ian Most Wins 6 Howie 5 Heather 5 Hesi 5 Pete 5 Porky 5 Jack Most Quinellas 2 Pete 1 Tom, Howie, Maurice, Dino, Gee, Richie, Jack Biggest Winning Margin 491.40 Gee 175.00 HeatherNarrowest Winning Margin 144.00 Geoff (again !) 135.00 Steve P Highest Losing Score 408.00 PorkyLowest Winning Score 44.00 Roland
  14. Round 8 - Saturday May 1 Race 10 - Morphettville R8 1st - 16 Media Award W-$55.10 (no one !) 2nd - 1 Personal Q-$177.70 Scr: 3,11,19 2 BARELLAN (2nd) $798.60 0 points 3 SEAGULLS (1st) $1217.20 2 points Ecumenical got the Barellan boys a bit excited halfway down the straight but couldn't sustain it's run so The Seagulls held on to win and maintain their lead at the top of the table. Maurice was Man of the Match while Howie (with 6 winners) was Barellan MVP. No bonus points were earned. 218.00 Craig 425.20 Maurice
  15. To win: The Maxis need- Steinem to win for Blind Squirrel (must pay $4.20+) AND Ecumenical to complete the Q for Pam and hope it pays enough Barellan need- Ecumenical to win for Craig OR Chica Fuerte to win for Tom Showtime need- Llanacord or Ecumenical to win for Gary OR (possibly) a Brookspire-Steinem quinella in that order for Heather and hope it pays enough Ecumenical has a rider change with old Harry Coffey picking up the mount
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