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  1. ROUND 6 - Sat Sep 26 TC is the sole owner of an unbeaten record after 5 rounds although Robert might put an end to that this week while everyone has now enjoyed at least one personal victory. Five Jokers still to be played with just this week or next as their only options. Round 7 Draw at the foot of this post to help those Captains with their decisions. Races are: 1. New Plymouth R5 - 2.17pm - Zed @ Grangewilliam Stud 1200 - $32k, 1200m, open hdcp 2. New Plymouth R6 - 2.55pm - Seaton Park 1400 - $22k, 1400m, R65 BM 3. New Plymouth R7 - 3.30pm - NZB Ready To Run Sale
  2. AND the 'NAKI win the Shield ! yooohoo !!l
  3. ROUND 6 - Sat Sep 26 Meetings will be New Plymouth, Caulfield and Rosehill BLACKBOOKERS (2nd) vs NO EYE DEER (3rd) Maurice v Jen Midnight C v Porky Richie v Ashoka Dino v Stevie N PJ v Gordy DAYLIGHT (1st) vs TOO FAST (5th) Ray v Geoff Ian v Howie Pam v Rex The Crucible v Robert John v Gee SUPERIORS (7th) vs PUMPED (4th) Mardy v Gary Steve P v Moose Punter Pete v Blind Squirrel Sharne v Rees Pete v Ziggy MAXISQUILLIONS (6th) vs REAPERS (8th) Heather v Hesi Rob v Ro
  4. STATS Best Scores (only two players in profit today !!!) 941.00 Max 925.00 Jen 255.00 Rees 245.00 Gary 223.60 PorkyWorst Scores 61.20 Ziggy 61.00 Ian 59.60 Stevie N 59.00 Rex 32.00 Maurice Most Wins 4 The Crucible 4 Blind Squirrel 4 Hesi 4 Rees 4 Robert 4 Max Most Quinellas 2 Ray Biggest Winning Margin 925.00 Jen 85.00 RobNarrowest Winning Margin 163.60 Hesi (on countback) 163.60 Blind SquirrelHighest Losing Score 174.60 RayLowest Winning Score 61.00 Ian
  5. Round 5 - Saturday Sep 19 Race 10 - Caulfield R8 1st - 1 Behemoth W-$2.90 2nd - 6 Dollar For Dollar Q-$81.30 Scr: 14,18-20 1 BLACKBOOKERS (2nd) $486.40 0 points 4 DAYLIGHT (1st) $748.40 3 points The Blackbookers big hope for a miracle got back from a wide draw and was winding up for a big run in the straight when he ran out of room so Daylight take the win and a bonus point for a 4-1 margin as Ian found the winner and Maurice didn't to win their personal contest. Others on the Gr1 winner were Daylights's TC and Blackbookers Midn
  6. https://www.racing.com/form/2020-09-19/caulfield/race/7/results#/results
  7. I have to go by the official placings on Racing Victoria's website. We'll see if it changes
  8. To win: Punter Pete has beaten Geoff as they have the same horses in the last but Punter Pete has a BB and if neither win the countback goes back to the previous race where Punter Pete's Game Keeper (6th) beat Geoff's Dabiyr (7th). Tagaloa to win for Mardy and Sharne (4-1 win) OR Dollar For Dollar to win for Pete
  9. To win: The Reapers need- Firstly, Hesi to break his deadlock with Blind Squirrel. Each have Behemoth while Hesi has Age of Chivalry and Blind Squirrel has Cascadian...then... Mandela Effect or Achernar Star to win for Roland OR Reykjavik to win for Craig OR Possibly a Banquo-Cascadian quinella for Tom and hope it pays enough
  10. To win: The Blackbookers need- Superstorm to win for Maurice, Dino and PJ (4-1 win) OR Reykjavik to win for Dino and them Maurice to beat Ian in their deadlock. Maurice has Superstorm and Tagaloa while Ian has Banquo and Behemoth No Eye Deer need- Cascadian to win for Ashoka (can't pay more than $8.10 or Heather will beat Porky) OR Tagaloa to win for Ashoka
  11. Round 5 - Saturday Sep 19 Race 9 - Caulfield R7 1st - 9 Orderofthegarter W-$3.20 2nd - 11 Chapada Q-$50.70 Scr: 1,2,5,16 1 BLACKBOOKERS (2nd) 399.40 3 DAYLIGHT (1st) 661.40 Only Pam misses the winning fave with PJ doubling up with a BB. No change overall. 94.60 PJ 157.20 John 178.20 Richie 174.60 Ray 62.60 Dino 195.60 Pam 32.00 Midnight C 102.00 The Crucible 32.00 Maurice 32.00 Ian 3 MAXISQUILLIONS (8th) 1173.20 2 NO EYE DEER (3rd) 1401.80 Gordy a
  12. Maxisquillions go ahead with Orderofthegarter or Dabiyr No Eye Dear go ahead with Steel Prince, Game Keepr or Mahamedeis
  13. Reapers can seize a 3-1 lead with Dabiyr and pull one back with Kinane while In Good Health helps Pumped go 5-zip clear with Game Keeper
  14. Blackbookers can seize a 3-1 lead with Game Keeper while Dr Drill and Orderofthegarter help Daylight go 4-zip clear with Steel Prince while Kinane and Dabiyr help
  15. Round 5 - Saturday Sep 19 Race 8 - Randwick R7 1st - 3 Classique Legend W-$4.30 2nd - 5 Eduardo Q-$22.50 Scr: nil 1 BLACKBOOKERS (2nd) 207.40 3 DAYLIGHT (1st) 533.40 The Blackbookers all miss again as TC finds the winning grey to extend his lead over Midnight C. No change overall. 30.60 PJ 125.20 John 146.20 Richie 142.60 Ray 30.60 Dino 195.60 Pam 0.00 Midnight C 70.00 The Crucible 0.00 Maurice 0.00 Ian 2 MAXISQUILLIONS (8th) 1109.20 2 NO EYE DEER (3rd
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