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  1. Soft Cell - Tainted Love (Where Did Our Love Go)...the long version
  2. Correct. I think I asked this one before 🙄
  3. One of The Eagles most beautiful songs - I Can't Tell You Why
  4. I sold a stallion once (twice actually) who was raced by M.C. Hammer (real name Stanley Burrell). can you guess who it was ?
  5. UPDATE Looking like about 5 teams at this stage. Need a couple more captains. CAPTAINS (3) Pete Maria Max DRAFT POOL (19) Gordy Ray Graeme Tom Roland Steve P Richie Dino Blind Squirrel Hesi Sharne Craig Jen PJ Stevie N Geoff Rees Rob Gee
  6. George Clinton - the grandfather of funk - at age 79 with Parliament: I'm Gonna Make YouSick of Me ...a searing commentary on Big Pharma. Amazing video !
  7. The selection thread is up, John. Can you all see it ???
  8. FROM NZTR Further Derby Option A third option is under consideration for the running of the Vodafone New Zealand Derby meeting this weekend. If the COVID Alert Level 3 status for Auckland is extended for just 24 hours, the meeting could be held at Ellerslie on Monday. The preferred option is for the meeting to be run at Ellerslie on Sunday, but that will be dependent on the Level 3 status in Auckland being lifted by 6am Sunday. If the Level 3 status is extended for more than 24 hours, the Derby meeting will be held at Hastings on Sunday.
  9. No way mate. He goes to Magic Millions in 10 months
  10. An update on my Showtime colt foal. We have gone from this at two weeks to THIS at 6 months:
  11. a couple of greats - Mr Petty & Ms Nicks - Stop Draggin' My Heart Around
  12. Another one from Joe Jackson - Is She really Going Out With Him
  13. Might be lucky to cobble 4 teams together at this rate... CAPTAINS Pete Maria Max DRAFT POOL Gordy Ray Graeme Tom Roland Steve P Richie Dino Blind Squirrel Hesi Sharne Craig Jen PJ
  14. Pretty fast but might need winkers and a tongue tie.... 😛
  15. This could throw a spanner into the works for the Final Round: Sunday Preferred NZ Derby Option Monday, 1st March 2021 New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing (NZTR) and the Auckland Racing Club (ARC) held discussions on Sunday morning regarding the impact of Saturday’s announcement that Auckland was moving back into Covid Alert Level 3 for seven days. Of primary concern is the Gr1 Vodafone New Zealand Derby (2400m), which was due to be run at Ellerslie on Saturday March 6, according to loveracing.nz. Under the current Alert Level 3 status in Auckland and the remainder of the count
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