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  1. Yes I believe a Mo'unga win would give us a 4-1 win and a bonus point.
  2. Baby and Dino both had the winner
  3. But I'm biased as that gives me 5x20% of quaddie
  4. I think fact first horse past post moved in probably 4 racing widths and 2nd past post moved out 2 I dont think they could do anything else.
  5. Great ride,rode it like best horse in race
  6. Yeah maybe we could replace the 3 races lost at TA with the last 3 at Invercargill trots😂😂
  7. Me too,would give me few units of quaddie
  8. Can I retract the Ramones Joker now😃 chance of us getting bonus point not good now
  9. NZ tab still taking bets at Te Aroha.lol
  10. Not looking good for rest of the meeting after that slip.
  11. Great stuff Maria,very impressed
  12. Well Bohemoth gave us a great sight.Surely we should get a point for that effort.lol
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