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  1. John no one has ever sought to detract from what you've contributed to this site. It's pretty obvious for anyone who takes notice. I have a strong feeling this won't make a blind bit of difference but there are a lot of people on here, including me, who would really value your continued participation in PJs comps at the very least.
  2. New Radicals - You Get What You Give The best one hit wonder ever. I defy anyone who knows this not to sing along in the car. It's a deadset classic.
  3. MEETING NEWS Proposed Spring Feature Dates With the 2021/22 dates process proceeding through March and April it was thought relevant that a draft update was provided to trainers alerting them to the proposed change in the dates of the Hawke’s Bay carnival for 2021/22 and the impact on the dates of other races as a consequence of that change. Proposed changes are set out below acknowledging that there is no confirmation of any date at this point. This season, the Hawke’s Bay Spring Carnival was run two weeks later than usual due to the impact of COVID
  4. pete

    Derby Day update

    Looks like it Ellerslie on Sunday thankfully.
  5. These guys were great. Saw them opening for Neil Finn in 1999.
  6. Ooh a uke song. I've been playing ukes for 6+ years.
  7. The late great Jeff. One of the best voices in rock music. Tragically died early in a swimming accident.
  8. Can you maybe toast my wealth rather than health?
  9. Charming as ever Hesi. I don't think many 13 year old schoolgirls would appreciate being likened to an old fart like me.
  10. I should be allowed to win. It's my birthday today.
  11. 1. 2/6 2. 2/9 3. 7/8 4. 5/6 5. 2/8 6. 2/4 7. 5/7 8. 1/5 9. 7/9 10. 1/4
  12. Nice to see you back on deck Rex.
  13. The Exponents - Why Does Love Do This To Me
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