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  1. I agree that it basically takes a race out of the comp - although we did include Winx in previous years. I'll vote to exclude it.
  2. pete

    From Behind the Cloak

    I got The Mitigator but persuaded myself that Toms and Solseifei couldn't possibly win. Duh!
  3. pete

    Kozzi Asano

    That's five for the day again
  4. pete

    Kozzi Asano

    Astonishing stuff. Has ridden the first 3 at Gore and now has 8 wins in a row.
  5. 1. Trentham R5 - 2.40pm - NZ Bloodstock Desert Gold Stks (Gr3) - $70k, 1600m,3yo fillies SWs 2/8 BB 2. Trentham R6 - 3.15pm - Shoe Clinic Premier - $40k, 2200m, R72 3/14 3. Trentham R7 - 3.52pm - JR & N Berkett Telegraph (Gr1) - $250k, 1200m, WFA 2/7 4. Trentham R8 - 4.27pm - Harcourts Thorndon Mile (Gr1) - $200k, 1600m, open SW+Ps 2/8 5. Trentham R9 - 5.03pm - NZ Campus of Innovation & Sport Wellington Cup (Gr3) - $225k, 3200m, open hdcp 1/2 6. Rosehill R5 - 5.30pm - Jack Ashman Hdcp - $125k, 1300m, BM72 3yos & 4yos 3/8 7. Flemington R2 - 5.50pm - Donate to Foodbank Victoria - $125k, 1720m, BM84 fillies/mares 2/6 8. Flemington R3 - 6.30pm - Donate to Salvation Army Disaster Appeal - $135k, 1100m, 3yos hdcp 4/5 9. Flemington R4 - 7.10pm - Donate to Equine Bushfire Relief - $135k, 2000m, BM70 3yos 1/3 10. Flemington R5 - 7.50pm - Kensington Stks (LR) - $140k, 1000m, hdcp 1/3 BB Alternative Races 7-10 (if Flemington is abandoned): 7. Rosehill R6 - 6.10pm - Mark Merlino Hdcp - $125k, 1200m, BM78 colts/geldings/entires 4/7 8. Rosehill R7 - 6.50pm - Bill Waterhouse Hdcp - $125k, 1100m, BM88 6/8 9. Rosehill R8 - 7.30pm - Bookmaker Recognition Raceday Trophy - $125k, 2000m, BM78 hdcp 4/5 10. Rosehill R9 - 8.10pm - Rosehill Bowling Club Hdcp - $125k, 1500m, BM78 hdcp 1/8 BB
  6. pete

    Desert Gold winner

    A bit of a fun poll. If you answer 'some other filly' feel free to name the horse in a post.
  7. pete

    Vermair Racing

    Anyone know what has happened to this venture of Brendan McCallum's? Son Of Maher no longer in that ownership and the website appears to be closed down.
  8. pete

    An exercise in futlity

    Interesting that we are apparently not allowing free speech on here. Here's some facts. Since we started I've Edited one post Never banned anyone Never placed anyone on moderation. This just proves once and for all that if you outline some basic rules about posting the vast majority play nicely and enjoy the interaction. Using so called 'free speech' to abuse people and harangue them with your wacky theories is just bullshit. Sorry if any members on here don't like this particular discussion but I'm not going to stand by and let a deranged narcissist tell complete lies about us.
  9. pete

    An exercise in futlity

    It would end up as a cry of pain.
  10. pete

    An exercise in futlity

    Also he really lost the argument when he supposed what would have happened if Melody Belle was retired after her Karaka win. You could say that about any horse that failed to reach its potential for whatever reason. Totally spurious argument.
  11. pete

    An exercise in futlity

    Apparently we're a 'childish picking competition site'. And we are now hiding Barry's tips because he's losing so much. Laughable. Unfortunately engaging narcissistic psychos such as T is a waste of time. It just feeds his pathetic little ego.
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