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We are so far behind - whip rules


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A really good, positive move IMO, and in more ways than one. It's good to front foot the whip issue proactively, rather than in direct response to the anti-racing brigade kicking up a storm about it big time. 

Soon enough the use of the whip is likely to be banned altogether during the running of any horse race. It's just the way the world is going. But these new rules in the UK are a good step forward. 

I drag along young kids to the races whenever I can. Just playing my part in trying to get them to catch the bug and get hooked for life. Trying to keep the racing game in our DNA. But I struggle to answer the kid's questions about "those sticks being used to hit the horses."

I tell them, here... have a hot dog, a coke, sit down and pick a number. Nevermind those sticks! 

More info from the UK: 

Following the 2022 report into the use of the whip, the rules regarding the use of the whip in British racing are being revised.    

The basic rules for use within a race, implemented as of 13 February in Jump racing and 27 March in Flat racing, are as follows: 

The whip can be used a maximum of six times in a Flat race or seven times in a Jump race. Any more than this will prompt the stewards to review the ride

As well as the number of times the whip is used, The Whip Review Committee will look at the force with which it is used, whether it was used from above shoulder height, whether the horse has been given time to respond, the purpose for which the whip was used, whether the horse was in contention or clearly winning at the time it was used, and whether the whip has been used in the correct place (i.e. on the horse’s hindquarter rather than flanks)

Any rider found to have contravened the rules or guidance will face a period of suspension, and any rider picking up third suspension in a six-month period will be referred to the Judicial Panel for penalty

Should the whip be used four times or more above the permitted level, the horse and rider will be disqualified from the race


One of the core recommendations proposed by the Whip Consultation Steering Group was for disqualification to be introduced for offences in which the whip has been used four times or more above the permitted level in all races   

 Disqualification offences will be considered by the Whip Review Committee away from raceday and therefore results of races are not affected for betting purposes.

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