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  1. Totally agree. For some unknown reason, I found myself watching a few trotting races online from France today. Not sure how I managed to stumble upon them, but their trotters seemed very impressive. Speed at the end of the race and very few breakers. They have had a few years to refine the breed but some of them looked real good. Instant disqualification if a horse breaks too, no messing about with any lapped on rule, they learn the hard way over there. In more ways than one. Horse meat sold oncourse with fries. Apparently horse meat is very high in protein and double the iron conte
  2. Don't start guessing, or wondering. Actually just forget I ever mentioned Douglas. We really don't want him here in the comp. Not just yet anyway.
  3. Well there goes any chance I had of winning this comp! All I need now is our mate "Dougie" (from across the road) to enter, and best I could do, on a very good day, would be 3rd! Just joking. But not really. Should be a bit of fun. Good luck everyone. I know I'll need it.
  4. I'm the same Globe, with a "portfolio" of horses I follow closely; mainly in the pacing game, but a few trotters too. You are probably the same as me, where after a while you get to really know each horse; it's best traits, what it prefers, what it doesn't and which type of race (stand v mobile) and distance it is best at. The draw and driver can often play a vital role too. Race day statistics are there for all to see, and generally a good guide, but when one follows a portfolio of horses, and really follows them closely, including ontrack, watching their prelim, you get to know them pre
  5. Rusty

    Rangiora Tips-Sunday.

    The two faves should fight out race 8, but keep an eye out for Buckskin, he has a bit of toe. May end up well back on the markers, but has a good driver to navigate through. $26's and $5.50 fixed.
  6. Rusty

    Rangiora Tips-Sunday.

    Who is the starter tomorrow?
  7. This is a bloody shame. Massive disappointment for all.
  8. Rusty

    Newspaper coverage

    Dead right Happy. Mr Turner is fantastic and the ODT do a marvellous job too with their racing coverage. One can only hope they don't sell out to Fairfax, or anyone else for that matter, anytime soon.
  9. Rusty

    Newspaper coverage

    Paul McBride is the racing scribe at the Greymouth Star. Great work. Not sure who the editor is there, but they are doing a terrific service to the racing game. Most read newspaper per capita in New Zealand. Been busting out newspapers since 1866 so they've had a bit of time to work out what people want in their paper.
  10. Rusty

    Newspaper coverage

    Greymouth Star; well done to the team there. I picked up a copy yesterday and was most impressed with the racing coverage. Check out a small sample of the Reefton results... it's all there, everything a punter wants to know. Plus multiple photos, it was impressive. It almost reminded me of last century. No need to charge, click, swipe or scroll. Just park up and read. Top job.
  11. All Stars knew how to develop horses and get the best out of them. Many punters may argue whether or not the techniques employed were above board, or questionable. But for straight out horsemanship M Purdon is highly regarded as one of the best in the world, in either code. My guess is that more people may be encouraged to get into it now that the Blue army have disbanded somewhat. Some people will think their chances of Group 1 glory have increased, as the strongest stable for decades is no longer going to dominate the premier races up and down the country. They may think that the choco
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