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At the beginning of the 2022-23 racing season, New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing announced a proposed amendment to the Rules of Racing, around the naming of horses before being allowed to trial or presented for barrier certification.

NZTR has approved the Rule change whereby a horse may only be entered for, and start in, a race, or a trial (or a jump-out or test for certification purposes) if it is registered and has been named in accordance with the Rules of Racing.

Why has NZTR approved this Rule change?

  • The rationale behind this Rule change is to better align with regulations currently upheld in Australia.
  • Naming your horse before a race, trial or test for certification purposes will ensure there is no delay or refusal of nomination.
  • IT will also provide improved financial accounting. Accounts will be sent directly to the owner, rather than to the trainer as is the case with unnamed horses at present.
  • The new Rule change provides improved punter visibility of horses.
  • It will also aid traceability for welfare purposes, tracking the current location and ownership of horses more efficiently.
  • The migration to the Single National System (SNS) means that unnamed horses will not be accepted when taking nominations for trials. This is a default of the system and cannot be changed.

How will the Rule change impact me?

  • NZTR’s IT system has been updated so that unnamed horses cannot be nominated through the National Racing Bureau and the Trainer’s Service Centre from 1 August 2023.
  • Unnamed horses are still able to enter jump-outs but only if they are not undergoing a test for certification purposes.
  • Previously there have been concerns expressed regarding possible GST implications. However, NZTR has received advice that GST does not become payable until the horse participates in a race. Naming horses before they trial will therefore have no effect on the time that GST becomes payable.

We thank you for your compliance with this Rule change which we believe will provide substantial benefits and professionalism in our industry.

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