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  1. Connection to previous song?
  2. Because none of us are great tipsters and we would really struggle to get 50 participants.
  3. pete

    whats going on here?

    It's bloody unforgivable. Bad tempered little shit pretty much covers it.
  4. Great idea. Apparently sold out very quickly.
  5. He brings out the best in his opponents.
  6. One of my favourite artists. Saw him at the Springs in 1978 with Dragon the opening act. Marc Hunter fell over...
  7. Les McKeown died last month.
  8. I fear we are losing the thread here.
  9. Classy win against Leeds this morning. The Welbeck goal was an absolute beauty. A great weekend for teams called Seagulls.
  10. Top effort today Seagulls.
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