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.Will be buying a few shares in RAKON  on the NZX today thru sharesies.

The grandkids xmas money will be spent and hopefully my hunch comes to fruition for them.

I'M not a financial wizard by any stretch of the imagination but methinks there could be an upside to them at $1.16 or lower.

They have been trading at around .62c and as high as $1.20 over the last 12 months but 60c to 70c lately.

A non binding bid has been made at $1.70 a share.

Don't think it will be accepted but imo it may open the door for other bidders to come in at a higher offer.

At $1.16 i'm prepared to have a crack.

This is not financial advice but like my horse selections just my opinion and i have been known to be wrong  many many times.


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