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  1. None that i can think of.Just pointing out a fact.
  2. A black American gets killed by police in Minneapolis and others see it as a sign to loot and destroy their own city. The biggest killer of black Americans is other black Americans,do they riot then??No way Who would want to live in those big cities..
  3. I read where Mike Moroney is taking 15 horses from his NZ stable over to Aus.
  4. ngakonui grass

    Bye Bye Simon

    As he said on TV3 this morning he doesn't tick all the boxes to be a perfect Catholic. Also said that he does not push his abortion views on others and he is relaxed about same sex marriage so i don't think his faith will play much of a part in his political career.
  5. Melarita by Rip Van Winkle out of Bak da Chief a winner in Seymour today. Raced in NZ originally has now won its last 2. Still in nz ownership by the look of things.
  6. Alysha Collett off to good start in NSW. Won the first at Kembla Grange today. Started riding on Sunday at Canberra.
  7. ngakonui grass


    Team Rogerson will miss out on a few winners for the foreseeable future.
  8. Headline in the NBR this morning Tax Payers Money;The gift that keeps giving. The Racing Industry should not rely on its easy access to Govt support.......Rest behind a paywall. Written by Tim Hunter who is pretty switched on. Anybody able to view the NBR. thanks
  9. Great ride by Hutchings in the 4th at Wyong today. Went to the front and run away from them in the straight.
  10. Only recently Pharmac back tracked on a plan to fund the lung cancer drug KEYTRUDA saying that they could no longer afford it.
  11. ngakonui grass

    Covid-19 update

    BUNNINGS to close 7 stores in NZ.
  12. ngakonui grass

    Covid-19 update

    22 players plus hangers on in each rugby team playing another different 22 players plus hangers on each week.What can go wrong.
  13. ngakonui grass

    Covid-19 update

    Are team sports back on the agenda under level 2?
  14. ngakonui grass

    Radio Trackside

    i remember well when the return of Tony Lee was being held up as some kind of revitalization of the racing game. .Sadly his return didn't/hasn't done anything for the industry.
  15. ngakonui grass

    Covid-19 update

    hasn't been convicted yet has he or has he and i've missed it.
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