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  1. Quite right. Unfortunately the money stays in the hands of the top owners,breeders,and trainers which i suppose is how it should be,but it certainly looks out of kilter. The journeymen will continue to struggle.
  2. This may be the shape of NZ Racing to come and imo,based on nothing,i believe NZB will be having a greater say on progamming and on Racing in general. Nothing better than an uniformed conspiracy theorist
  3. Did u ever stop to think that maybe out of all the members on the other sites,(not sure of the numbers)only 88 have the intelligence to comment on the industry without launching into a tirade of abuse to the messenger.
  4. Texans and Sea Hawks going home Sea Hawks only beaten by 5 but if it wasn't for QB Russell Wilson it would have been plenty.
  5. ?Anybody know if Jillian Morris is still riding or if she is still in NZ?
  6. Titans thru.Goodbye Ravens. Tomorrow Texans v Chiefs and Packers v SeaHawks.
  7. Forty niners take the next step,Vikings going home.
  8. Could be wrong but don't G1s pay down to about 10th. If so a slow maiden could have registered its first collect. As i say,could be wrong.
  9. Good money up so HORSES........WHERE THE BLOODY HELL ARE YA
  10. One thing i don't like is having a much shorter home straight because of property boundaries. IMO this is where nz racing falls short,not thinking ahead. Buying more land is what they should have been doing so they can build a decent facility and cater for even more horses from nearby tracks like Waipa and Te Rapa.
  11. Will they retain or rebuild a grass track for galloping or trials or is that going the way of the moa.
  12. Anybody able to tell me anything about Tologa Bay apart from the obvious. Nearing an age where u think about ,whats next and the East Coast has been mentioned as a possible area of interest. Living by the beach seems nice to me but plenty of other things to consider also.
  13. 50% strike rate,better than the geegees. Feel good for Kirk Cousins,rubbished all year,stands up when needed. Feel sorry for Drew Brees,no protection
  14. Texans and Titans thru.....Patriots and Bills all over for the year. Eagles and Vikings win tomorrow.(hopefully)
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