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  1. R1 #5 Bettors Highlight consistent and has won/placed 4/8 on track.Sure to go well R2 #2 Toomysonaroll Going ok and good dreaw will help R7 # 3 Calico Hill Racing well without looking like winning and this field stronger.Consistent overall and runs on solidly.
  2. R2 #3 Luminite........consistent this time in,top driver and good draw.
  3. Don't know what shape i would call it.If you look at the width of the track they are able to incorporate 2/3 tracks and move rails around so that same bends aren't uded all the time. When i referred to shape i was thinking more along the lines of long shutes.With the amount of land some of our clubs originally had this was possible. I was picturing a d shaped track with many shutes off the oval/circle.
  4. IMO could have been done if it weren't for the shape of the oval shape of our tracks.Gotta blame the oldies for that.
  5. Last into the turn,stretched out nicely straight,6.5 lengths from winner.Nice quiet run methinks.8/9 Humidor 5/9
  6. Trialling this morning at Rosehill at 0815 AUS time. Regan Bayliss in the saddle.Dist is 1030m.Humidor in same trial.
  7. She had next time written all over her.
  8. R5 #5 This Time Gamble hard to follow and expensive but does put in the odd good one.Hopefully today is one of the good days R6#6 Rocknroll Mama Back in grade and went ok last start. R7 #9 Sweet Heaven The place i will be if she can do the deed R9#2 Huego Boss Formline reads like a number 11 batsman but has shown a bit in the past.Can't let him go just yet.
  9. What criterea do you think they will they use to decide if its successful or not?
  10. R3 #8 Ideal Grace. Never got a crack at them in straight this course 18/4.With a clearer run should be there or thereabouts R4 #9 Westburn Bliss Always close up .If it can overcome draw sure to be close again R8 #4 Bettor Beontoit Going ok without looking like winning.Won't take much to see it in the money
  11. R3 #2 Wonthavtime good efforts lately,won't have to improve much to win this R7 #13 Wattlebank Star Never finished further back than 4th in 6 starts.Looks a bit extra. R11 #6 Calico Hill keeps going good races,expect the same. Heres one for 1 each way punters R9 #8 Franco June Sentimental reasons only to do with names.
  12. Correct me if i'm wrong but in the past i think that they did just that.
  13. Saw Frankie at the Vector Arena in 2012 just before the nz version of Jersey Boys opened,he still had it even though he would have been in his 70s.Sang all the hits and nothing else.Great stuff.
  14. The Easter Handicap not being held at Easter sought of sums up the problems with NZ Racing at present.Too much tinkering with programmes,make believe triple crowns and exclusive 2 year old,and 3 year old million dollar races. We are going down the gurgler so fast not even those at the top can notice it.
  15. Have shares in a number of REITs on the NYSE and by law they must pay out 90% of any profits in dividends.Also there is a company on there,LAND ,that pays out monthly.
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