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  1. IMO True number 1 followed by COMMUNICATION then Gold. On channel 14 they also play on a regular basis STEAL which appears to be a more recent recording.Not to bad.
  2. Watched Brent Eccles,Mike Chunn Barry Jenkin (Dr Rock)and Glyn Tucker talking about Citizen Band last night on Juice TV via Kordia. Very entertaining.
  3. Have you heard Burton Cummings version of '''you ain't seen nothing yet? Certainly different to the BTO version. Bachman certainly a great guitar player. Saw a video of him playing with Burton Cummings the classic American Woman.String broke,grabbed another guitar and kept on going.
  4. A black man in Minneapolis commits a murder and then as police move in he shoots himself. Guess what...Rioters and looters decide that is a reason to do what they do best.. What a city.
  5. Something i have noticed over the last 2 days at the Covid 19 announcements is Hipkins rush to let Jessica Much(TV1) ask the first question. Nothing major but her husband is a member of the PMs Diplomatic Protection Squad Favouritism perhaps or do they know that she will ask a soft question thereby setting the tone of for the others.
  6. She also should get an Oscar nomination in the best Impersonation of a Clown.Not getting my vote.
  7. The head nodding,frowning and gritting of teeth today is worthy of an OSCAR nomination in the Best Animated Series group
  8. Unfortunately the only skills i possess are honesty and integrity and had i duct taped my plates an unmarked copper would have be behind me ....guaranteed.
  9. Recently travelled on a toll road and forgot to pay it when i arrived home. Received a bill today.. TOLL ROAD TRAVEL...$1.90 Administration fee .....$4.90 Total.............................$6.80 What a bloody rip off and the worst part is i still have one more heading my way.
  10. My run of the day Imaging in the Winx.Big spring coming up.
  11. Watched a bit of the DNC. Clinton,Obama and Harris all claimed that Biden was the man to beat the Pandemic. How? Just about impossible for it to be achieved in a democracy of 400million unless they introduce martial law and Biden won't do that. A man who has been sucking the Govt teat for 40 years and achieved very little is expected to save the nation. Just a lot of political b/s.
  12. Meanwhile in the great city of CHICAGO,looters vandalize the Ronald McDonald house while 30 families slept inside. Another success for the BLM
  13. There lies the problem.Only half of them are any good but the other half are still being allowed to build crap.
  14. Interesting that the members of Space Waltz were at the same time also playing gigs and were known as Stuart/Stewart and the Belmonts.According to Eccles when Space Waltz came 6th in the New Faces Comp they couldn't do concerts because they only knew 4 songs. Stuart/Stewart and The Belmonts on the other hand were a covers band. Eccles said that when the covers band did a concert they all wanted to hear Out On The Streets but they never mixed the 2 bands up with one being a covers band and the other only doing originals.
  15. Eric Carmen the man with his Raseberries
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