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  1. A Hamilton physio clinic has announced that from next week they intend to see clients face to face as all the staff are vaccinated..Brien Cree the managing director of Radius has also announced that from Tuesday his resthomes etc will be accepting visitors for their clients as the mental health of some clients is suffering.. I say good on them both.
  2. Don't know his complete race record but he started 11 times as a 2 year old and i believe he won 7. One of his wins he carried 62.5.
  3. The recently passed away J.P.Riordan in an interview with Mike Dillon said that Ballybrit was the fastest 2 year old he had ridden,thats not to say he was the best.
  4. Her son Magellan stood in NZ for a time and her 1st foal named Loughmore won one race in nz and may have been raced by R.D.Muldoon as part owner. I think Don Selwood trained her.
  5. I don't think she was PM at the time and highly unlikely to be one in the future.
  6. I see JAs husband has tweeted regarding Keys criticism of his wife. He has shown himself once again to be a twat. Can't recall Mrs Key.Mrs English,Mr Davis,Mrs Rowling or any others PMs partner doing anything similar. Caint stand the heat,get out of the kitchen.
  7. Anybody see Chris Hipkin on the AM show this morning. Very poor performance by somebody that i rank highly amongst Labour MPs.
  8. How were the Govt going to eliminate covid if as she said today that it would be unlikely that they could/would make the vaccine compulsory.
  9. This is what happens when you f..k around with tradition.
  10. Will now be Group2 The end is nigh.
  11. I think Foster is having problems getting the team of 5million to come on the trip.
  12. The Mot 26/9 R3 #6 FULL OF DESIRE Going ok without placing.Can improve R11 #4 DISMARA Consistent and looks better than most in this.
  13. returning to training in NSW according to an article on the Stuff website. Will be based in Port Macquarie
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