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Super Rugby - a very big deal - the 'Blues' come out and beat the 'Hurricanes' (another away win this season !) and we all know the 'Blues' have hardly ever beaten a NZ team the past 10 years. So this is momentous stuff. Big. Very big.

I dive eagerly into the 'Stuff' news headlines expecting to see this amazing 'Blues' triumph yesterday as a major headline in all-events news.

Nothing. 🙄

Turn to the Sports headlines. 

Still no 'Blues'. 😒

Scroll down the miscellaneous sports items, read that the bottom teams the Bulls and the Highlanders clashed, and the Bull won. Who cares ? 🙂

Still looking for my beloved 'Blues'.

Ahhh .... finally found them ......... the 37th sports item ..... just after the result of the Oratia v Te Atatu South Womens Bowls championship afternoon matchup.

And we start reading the 37th sports item .....

And what do we read ..... not of the highly-skilled 'Blues' chomping up the favoured 'Hurricanes', and the 'Blues' achieving a glorious victory ..... we read instead of miscellaneous ill-disciplined Hurricanes being frog-marched off the pitch at various intervals.  And we read in more than one place in the article of the 'Blues' holding on to win. HOLDING ON TO WIN  ??? Thrashed them , morelike. 24-15 ! Easey peasey ! ...................holding on to win ! you idiot media. Go take a long walk off a short pier.

Credit where credit is due would be nice.

Must have been written by someone from Taranaki.

Sorry, Beaudy. You're one of us, now, you Jafa you. 



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