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Oh the hypocrisy - racefields fees


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Hearing the news that local basketball is likely to be in massive financial strife if the NBA doesn't get back on track sooner rather than later - due to - the money local basketball receives from betting on the NBA.

Just imagine for one second if the NBA decided to do what NZ racing (and many other jurisdictions) have decided they need to do, to protect their 'product'. It's great that NZ basketball gets this money from the TAB, but this money would be going to the USA - if NZ paid the equivalent race field fees to the NBA rather than what they pay to NZ basketball. 

I just love how the TAB is happy to reap the rewards of betting on off-shore sports betting, but also want to have levies on any betting done elsewhere on NZ racing. Lucky (for both NZ basketball and NZ racing), that the NBA hasn't taken that approach with off-shore betting providers. Talk about hypocrisy.

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